So here is the real question for this Saturday

11 Aug 2012 admin In G+ Posts

If +NASA did a Kickstarter for their next major Space Exploration project would you fund it?

+Tom Merritt +Leo Laporte +Robert Scoble some fellow space enthusiasts…

+Mars Rover Opportunity – We could possibly fund a friend…

What would you expect out of a community funded project?
Would you even fund such a project?

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  1. Tor Ivan Boine 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    hah, that would be awesome! 🙂

  2. Stephen Berlin 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    So for a $500 contribution you'd get a bit of red Martian dust in a Ziploc bag?

  3. Sander Raaymakers 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    Yes!  Hell, I wish they'd collect all my taxes that way…  On April 15th you calculate your taxes, and on the 16th you can start doling it out.

  4. Brent Burzycki 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    That is a he'll of an idea let us say what we want to find with our tax payment…. Man that would shut up a ton of people….

  5. Sander Raaymakers 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    Of course we'd have the same problem we have now… misinformation would prevent people from making the right decisions. Do think the defense industry would be in for a rude awakening…

  6. Brent Burzycki 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    So would all the politicians…. And sadly many are not intelligent enough to make good choices….

  7. Paul Hildebrandt 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    NASA can't do a Kickstarter due to fundraising laws on government organizations. However, we can:

  8. Brent Burzycki 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    +Paul Hildebrandt Interesting.. only a few days to go it seems…..

  9. Wylliam Zacarias 11 Aug 2012 Reply

    Nasa is always contributing, with the  new discovers of the sideral space , for the spreading and enlargement  of the human knowledge . Being a very serious company , it deserves our attention and symbolic financial aid .

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