RIAT 2015 Fairford / Rhymes Farm

19 Jul 2015 admin In G+ Posts

Great shot from +Olav de With

Originally shared by +Olav de With

RIAT 2015 Fairford / Rhymes Farm
F-16C Block 52+ Αεροπορία, Polemikí / Hellenic Air Force (HAF)


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  1. Eleana Campoverde 19 Jul 2015 Reply

    Hello dear. Beatiful post 😎🌷

  2. Darth Minty 19 Jul 2015 Reply

    Greece can't afford to pay its bills but can afford an unnecessary paint job like this?

  3. Brent Burzycki 19 Jul 2015 Reply

    I honestly thought I was the most negative person in the world.. But you got me beat when it comes to hating government spending +Darth Minty

  4. Valentino Guidi 19 Jul 2015 Reply

    I think that 1% of Pil in Defence is not the source of Greece crisis

  5. Darth Minty 20 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I'm just sick of wasteful incompetence

  6. Pisek Onsakon 20 Jul 2015 Reply

    Awesome roll…!!☆

  7. Donald Gross 20 Jul 2015 Reply

    Cool pic

  8. Shamaroon Samlal 26 Jul 2015 Reply

    Its ah bird ,its ah plane very brave, good mrng ,be safe

  9. Firuz H 28 Jul 2015 Reply

    Now there is a fighter….

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