+Nik Collection by Google is there any way to remove these pop ups when you hover over filter tools? These honestly just get in the way and do not allow for a smooth workflow. Or anyone using these tools, have you found a way to remove them?

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  1. Joel Swerdlow 19 Jul 2015 Reply

    i get this as well, but mine are 2 lines down….

  2. Brent Burzycki 19 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Joel Swerdlow I see it two lines down also – but it is not consistent, It will be one or two depending on where you hover. I guess I just do not know why it needs to be there at all when the hover text is the same at the filter name.

    Then when you do hit it is beeps at you and does not allow for selection of the next filter – so its basically just in the way, at least for me.

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