Post some Glamour Work that you have shot and you like

15 Aug 2011 admin In G+ Posts

Link to it
Let us see what you got and tell us why you like it….

Tell us if you are open to critiques – or simply post a shot you want some help with…

We can start this as the firs Glamour Photo List Critique thread…

Here is mine: Shot with one large 44" umbrella, 1 Alien Bees B800
Flash was very close to the model
Post in PS CS5
Tinted in Photoshop

Why do I like it:

One I really admire athletic women
I like the reflections of the swimsuit
The photo tells a story of what she might be doing – Working out and she might be a fighter… probably in life and in the gym

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  1. Regina Pagles 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    Does Glamour only apply to females… just wondering

  2. Jo Garrett 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    I'm not a glamour photographer, so I can't give you any technical critique; but that aside I like the warm tones, the very natural pose and her confidence – she owns the shot so its a photo with a very positive message. Not totally sure how I like the hi-key light on her forehead because my eye is constantly drawn back to it.

  3. Brent Burzycki 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Regina Pagles Nope…. Male and Female Models… We should be non-descriminating…… In the end its about making a sexy & glamourous image….

  4. Brent Burzycki 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Jo Garrett thanks… and yes I am sort of notorious for higher key images and shiny skin… I see what you mean thou and honestly I never really noticed it before… tends to dram me to her face…. be that bad or good….. I might try to tone it down a bit later and see the difference…

  5. Jo Garrett 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    thanks for being open to critique, its a good learning op for me to attempt a critique of a photo that is outside of my style of photography.

  6. Jo Garrett 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    Regina: reposting from comment on your photo (love your photos by the way):

    Again this critique is a little out of my depth but here goes: Like: the slightly slanted pose and that he is just taking off his sunnies, as if he is just nonchalantly strolling in from some kind of out door activity. The dirt on his skin and under his nails tells me that he is real not just some poser. Dislike: nothing really only I can't decide whether I like the reflection in his sunnies – its not distracting – I just don't see what it adds.

  7. Brent Burzycki 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Regina Pagles some great headshots in your portfolio… that said I think the reflection of the flash in the glasses really draws the eye…. some careful photoshop and that shot will look and feel totally different….

  8. Brent Burzycki 15 Aug 2011 Reply

    +Jo Garrett I am always open to critiques.. I might not like them 🙂 – but thats the only way to get better….

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