Portfolio Redo – Open to critiques and opinions – Fire away

31 May 2014 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Steve Boyko 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    Love the light and processing, Brent! However I do find the knee or whatever at the bottom of frame distracting.

  2. Kevin Gault 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    I like this one. I can't find fault in it. I like how the background is dark allowing the eye to focus on her.

  3. Brent Burzycki 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Steve Boyko it's the pillows…

    Thanks +Kevin Gault just wait for some comments of how the hair blends into the background – I am notorious for not using a hair light and it shows in most of my images..I think my excuse of it being my "style" is wearing out…

  4. Marshall Barth 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    More light in upper right(hairline and cheek areas), less light left front(to bring out texture of fabric) and sans the pillows :{)))

  5. Daniel Sachs 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    I like the hair thing, actually. Very neat. All in all, techically its a really good shot, as usual. Her right shoulder is a bit too blended into the background. Having said that, the model is expressionless, so it makes the rather good shot, technically, a bit flat. In portraits the most important part is the "why". Why this specific person? Why this particular shot. How does it interact with the viewer, what does it portrait? But than again, as the poet said: "dude, it's, like, your opinion"

  6. Brent Burzycki 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    +Daniel Sachs Oh opinions – if I had a buck for everyone of those… but yes.. the combination of emotion, look, feel, etc are all things that I feel are the portion of luck many of us only hit on every few shots in a set that make one shot ok and the next shot – holy smokes..

  7. Molnar Gabor M 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    Very nice ! Beautiful !

  8. Kweku Abeiku 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    I like the way you poss; nice.

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