Just when you thought it was safe to go outside – its an invasion

01 Jun 2014 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Jim Warthman 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    Very cool, +Brent Burzycki! Looks like some sort of submersible, possible for imaging the seabed.

  2. Al Dee Sollinger 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    I think it might be the under side of an airplane wing.

    Is it the mechanism that rockets or missiles are attached to?

  3. Micah Burke 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    I'm with +Al Dee Sollinger  

  4. Kim Hansen 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    Looks like a pylon to me.

  5. Mike Thompson 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    Empty bomb rack.

  6. Rick Kilboy 1 Jun 2014 Reply

    Triple Ejector Rack (TER), most likely on the wing of an F-16 

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