One of the most powerful craft ever made

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  1. David Cheng 19 Sep 2015 Reply


  2. Danny Quizon 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    I thank Project Apollo for making Russia #2 in the Space Race. USA! USA!

  3. Jan Wat. Rogerson 19 Sep 2015 Reply


  4. Apollo was Hollywood project. And today usa astronauts fly to space on Russian space ships. Why don't use "most powerful craft"?

  5. Sue Hyde 19 Sep 2015 Reply


  6. Valentino Guidi 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    Why Russian didn't go on the moon if Apollo was a bluff?!

  7. TheNj400 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    All thanks to the Germans. An amazing bit of kit for the times. Anything that travels at 22000mph + is cool in my book.

  8. Daniel Kuciel 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yes, awesome craft!
    Beautiful classic photo.

  9. Michael frumento 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Dude, in a couple of years russia will be alone and broke. America will start using SpaceX for transportation and russia will be out of the picture.

  10. They don't make men like that anymore.

  11. John Rambo 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Valentino Guidi Russia was actually first to reach the moon. They put a Rover on the moon, not a man. But they did reach the moon first. That's impressive

  12. Danny Quizon 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +TheNj400 Yes, very true. After WW2 Russia got some Nazi scientists and the U.S. got some Nazi scientists. The U.S. got the better Nazis.👍

  13. Pete Joyce 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Bull*"@#!

  14. vandad nazifkar 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Valentino Guidi I have no idea if the Apollo was a bluf or not, but Russians could have landed man on the moon of they didn't go broke and ran out of money.
    On of Russian officials ( not sure who it was ) once said in an UN gathering : " making rockets in my country is as easy as making hotdogs, but hotdogs is what my country needs more than anything now "

  15. Valentino Guidi 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    No problem… Usa learn from russia to do rockets but Russia failed… And now the only country that is gone on the moon is usa… And Usa can pay russia for a trip on the iss

  16. vandad nazifkar 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    I don't care where it is made or who paid for it, I just want to ride in one to the ISS

  17. vandad nazifkar 19 Sep 2015 Reply


  18. Danny Quizon 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    I hope they serve hot dogs on the ISS! 🔥 🐕

  19. adedayo odegbami 19 Sep 2015 Reply


  20. Pete Joyce 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +KC Budd good post, interesting.

  21. Eugene Evans 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    Awesome I love this

  22. Eugene Evans 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    Are they serving cocktails? ?

  23. bob bonaiuto 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    One awesome rocket ship

  24. +Michael frumento IF will be… TODAY USA ASTRONAUTS FLY TO SPACE ON RUSSIAN SPACE SHIP. IT IS FACT. Today usa is "out of the picture ". Putin is goodman and becoz usa fly to space.

  25. +Pete Joyce bullshit is your country

  26. Michael frumento 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Until Russia makes it to the moon (which will most likely never happen), shut your mouth.

  27. +Valentino Guidi bcoz russian believed. Today we know true. Usa moon program is Hollywood shit.

  28. Pete Joyce 19 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов sorry commrade, your greatly mistaking.

  29. +Pete Joyce ofcoz don't mistake only usa guys.

  30. +Michael frumento​​ is you expert about Russia? You are stupid, fat american man. You don't know nothing about Russia. you do shut your fat mouth.

  31. Philip Lacroix 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    The usual lame brain Russian way to settle an argument .

  32. Michael frumento 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов​ No, I'm not an expert on Russia, but I do know a lot about NASA and Roscosmos. And with the state if Russia's economy right now, Russia will never be able to go to the moon let alone mars. Not to mention how Putin's military spending is destroying the Russian economy. Russia is on a downward trajectory. Accept that. Oh and guess what, I'm not fat. Far from it accually.

  33. +Michael frumento​​ really? Usa is country-bankrupt. Usa astronauts can't fly to space. Naso buy Russian rocket engines РД-180 for usa space ships. Do you know? Anybody from world do to know usamen fat and stupid. american university is Russian teaches and China's students.

  34. Valentino Guidi 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    If usa can pay for a trip on space good for usa… It seems that they have the money to do that….

    I'm italian and i don't say: russia can't create shoes so they are failed ….if russia buy my Gucci at 400€…

  35. +Valentino Guidi usa astronauts haven't choice which space ship use for fly. Usa astronauts can fly to space ONLY Russian space ships. Italy is another country-loser. Italy haven't jets, rockets, nuclear electric stations by own make. Italy is anglo-saxons prostitute, as germany, as any Europe country.

  36. Valentino Guidi 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    For country-loser like italy usa and russia are the same… They want only strategical harbours on the Mediterrean and near Middle East… The last time that we try to expand our life space was 70 years ago.. And you and usa kill us… Becausr you want be the only one to create jets, rockets and so…..

    ….. But…. We are waiting your Pil for person… At 77 position in the world… With 18000$…your nation has rockets…but u probably u are poor

  37. +Valentino Guidi italy is country-bankrupt like usa. Italy next after Greece to bankrupt. Russia is a poor country but free and use only money which can earn, don't make credit. Italy is bankrupt and usaasskisser.

  38. Valentino Guidi 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    Bye….. Be the taxi of yankee on the space and continue to buy my shoes… You can build rockets but u cant build shoes….

    We are waiting for your ta50 pak fa

  39. +Valentino Guidi in russia only gays buy gucci shoes. Keep make this shit. I wear only russian shoes

  40. Valentino Guidi 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    Ahahahah.. I ever respect a patriot… Like u

  41. I respect only free people which can protect self and don't kiss any ass.

  42. Stephen Kirkner 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    That was years ago and Neal Armstrong's walk on the moon was real not fake. Sending rockets to space in modern times is just a temporary fix to bridge the gap for what NASA has upcoming. The shuttle program was scrapped because the orbiters were getting too fatigued. They weren't safe anymore. In the USA we don't jeopardize the lives of our astronauts unnecessarily. NASA has a new program in mind with the latest in modern technology. Give it a few years and you will be amazed at what you see. The space program has it's importance. Things are just on hold right now because of our war situation in the Middle East. Funding has to be channelled into our military. War is costly in many ways but we're America and we will hang in there.

  43. Tom Stearns 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    A beauty.

  44. thomas dobias 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    The New Space Race

  45. Michael frumento 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов You couldn't be more wrong. But at least America got to the moon.

  46. michel prins 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    only thx to a nazi 😛

  47. Stephen Kirkner 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    You have to remember those shuttles were subjected to tremendous, tremendous force on takeoff and extreme, extreme temperatures upon reentry. After so many missions they begin to wear and like anything else have to be decommissioned. The shuttle program had become obsolete. Sending rockets and capsules up will due for now. Not that expensive to do so.

  48. +Michael frumento in Hollywood cinema

  49. Michael frumento 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Proof? Please provide evidence.

  50. Stephen Kirkner 20 Sep 2015 Reply

    You can see the ISS in orbit at night time. If you know what you are looking for. You have to be in a real dark place away from city lighting. The forest is a good place. I live in the California desert where there is no lights at all at night. I can see it fairly good on real clear nights. Try it sometime. Take a whole night and just look into heavens. You will see satellites and other things moving up there.

  51. +Michael frumento proof? Use brain, man. Why stop fly to moon? Usa had horror from ufo? Why today usa astronauts are flying to space on russian spaceships? -dont use saturn? Bcoz usa moon program is Hollywood shit.

  52. Michael frumento 21 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Haha. We don't use Saturn because 1) it's outdated 2) it's expensive 3) it's at the end of it's life and 4) we don't need to.

  53. +Michael frumento blah blah story for children. We made iPhone6, but it is too expensive and we started to used iPhone 2, 3, 4…

  54. Michael frumento 21 Sep 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов​ What are you talking about lol what do I phones have to do with this

  55. Reo Cruz 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    If we really faked the moon landing, the Soviets would have been THE FIRST to debunk ever landing because they tracked the ship all the way there and back. It's only people in the US who yell out that it was faked with the only "proof" they provide is a YouTube video of another moron yelling it was faked because of a video they saw.

  56. Soviet believed usa. But today we know usa is empire of lie. What about weapon for mass killing from iraq? 911 was Islamic attack?-or it was usa government work? Usa lie and usa lied forever

  57. Michael frumento 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов The Iraqis did have weapons for mass killing. They are called Chemical Weapons. Ever heard of them?

  58. Michael frumento 1 Oct 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов Russia is an empire of lies. Putin lied about his networth and the Government lied about corruption. And the list goes on.

  59. +Michael frumento really? And were is iraq chemical weapon? Show me. Russian corruption is child shit vs usa corruption. Billions dollars are wasted on shit like f35. Usa is Super totalitarian state. What about nsa? What about Guantanamo?

  60. Michael frumento 2 Oct 2015 Reply

    +пират пиратов What are you even saying about corruption. It makes no sense.

  61. Greg Prouty 16 Oct 2015 Reply

    Great photo of a greatest rocket.

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