One Item that has not been talked about much with self driving vehicles

22 Feb 2013 admin In G+ Posts

                                         *Motion Sickness*

This is a huge issue for most when they are not in directional control of the vehicle. Also in all honesty – at least in my opinion the solution shown years ago in iRobot – where you have a vehicle that can link into automated lanes but also be driven manually is the best of both worlds.. 

I can fall asleep on the way to LA – but then take over and park myself or go off-road as needed. The steering wheel adapts as needed to not allow me to drive and gets out of the way…that way I can get work done…

We all can adapt to tech – those who do not want to can take the autonomous bus or trains.. but get them off the roads because 90% of the public cannot drive and really should not be allowed in anything but a self driving vehicle.

Sadly I believe most of the push back will be from politicians – Fuel Companies – etc that see their bottom line go down based on better efficiency. The amazing thing is how many would be truly effected by a world of self driving vehicles.

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  1. Tom Sparks 22 Feb 2013 Reply

    But I don't get motion sick when I am a passenger, nor does my family while I am driving.

  2. Chris Howard 22 Feb 2013 Reply

    Shields up!

  3. Martin O'Brien 22 Feb 2013 Reply

    *affected. Sorry. It's one of those things that annoys me.

  4. Scott Sears 24 Feb 2013 Reply

    Well done Sir. Well done.

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