One day Apple with redo iTunes so it works for people other than Mac users

02 Oct 2011 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. David Tedman 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    What makes you think it works for Mac users?

  2. Paul Moses 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    Besides, digital music is just a fad for kids today… 😉

  3. Brent Burzycki 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Paul Moses True… that said I still like music on a crappy day.. thou I learn most of what I know it seems from podcasts…

    +David Tedman Good point.. I was told by friends it works great.. but then again… they have drunk the kool aid….

  4. LaDonna Pride 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    it's no better for me on my Mac than it is on my Gateway

  5. Ryan Opaz 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    itunes is a joke, on mac, windows and otherwise. Seriously I dream at night of an viable alternative that supported podcasts natively.

  6. Brent Burzycki 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Ryan Opaz +LaDonna Pride well it is good to know that it's not only my POS that is a POS…..

    I am surprised that Apple does not make some great piece of software to support such an important part of the business.. but I guess since iPhone 5 will not need iTunes to activate and with the cloud – maybe we will not need itunes anymore….

  7. Michael Braucht 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    iTunes is for people who haven't seriously tried something else. Been using Winamp forever. Does everything I need and more. Podcast updates, wireless sync and gives me a feeling of proper control over what syncs to each device that iTunes never did.

  8. Ryan Opaz 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    Sadly winamp is not on Mac! 🙁

  9. Kevin Rank 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    You know… iTunes USED to be a great piece of software… and then it bloated. 🙁 Winamp, in my opinion, is in the same boat. Currently, I use Google Music, Spotify and Grooveshark the most. For the desktop, I use mediamonkey. I think it is the best option out there, but very powerful.

  10. Don Vaillancourt 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    The unfortunate thing is that for Canadians iTunes is the best options as they have the largest collection. I really wish I could get rid of iTunes. And all the competition's software are all me-toos.

  11. Michael Fraser 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    Solution: get a Mac.

  12. Ryan Opaz 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Michael Fraser I have a mac…itunes still sucks

  13. Barry Grau 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    Don't hold your breath.

  14. Brent Burzycki 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Barry Grau What your not going to tell me that Apple does not care about Windows users?

  15. simon kirk 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    why should they care, Microsoft does not 🙂

  16. Brent Burzycki 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    oh brother…….

  17. Barry Grau 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    It won't help them sell more hardware that begins with a lower case "i", +Brent Burzycki

  18. Kevin Rank 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    Not so sure… Most people that have a device that starts with an i… run PCs. 😉 (Including my iPod touch)

  19. Brent Burzycki 2 Oct 2011 Reply

    Heck I have 3 devices with an i and have never owned a Mac….

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