Now this is an Interesting one

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  1. Blane Bailey 8 Nov 2015 Reply

    No military paint….private pylon racer??

  2. michel prins 8 Nov 2015 Reply

    turbo prop?

  3. Jd from NZ 8 Nov 2015 Reply

    Piper Enforcer

  4. Anita Kuipers 8 Nov 2015 Reply

    Yes its realy wow

  5. John Rambo 8 Nov 2015 Reply

    3 things stand out. No scoop, the wings look like from a jet trainer, and the spinner looks to be a homebuilt. Body looks to be homebuilt.

  6. Mike LeTourneau 8 Nov 2015 Reply

    Was an experiment to develope a COIN aircraft for Vietnam based on Mustang airframe. Similarly, used converted Douglas B26's for same role with good success (made it only plane used in WWII, Korea AND Vietnam).

  7. David Cheng 8 Nov 2015 Reply


  8. Beautiful and interesting. Thanks my dear.🌺😊

  9. +Mike LeTourneau that explains the number of hard points

  10. Lets let them fly again

  11. Bunny Nator 18 Nov 2015 Reply

    Looks like a British aircraft.

  12. George Xouxlias 18 Nov 2015 Reply

    Σας στουκαΌγο

  13. Keith Russell 26 Dec 2015 Reply

    Cockpit canopy rear wards is a MUSTANG. Throw on wingtip tanks for a bit of range as the turbine engine will burn fuel faster, especially at lower levels. It is a PA-48 ENFORCER

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