No idea what amazing artist came up with this concept but this has to be one of best looking concepts I have yet seen

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No idea what amazing artist came up with this concept but this has to be one of best looking concepts I have yet seen.


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  1. Thomas Snyder 8 Nov 2016 Reply

    Nice maybe some missiles machine guns then it would be a great jet

  2. That engine is very exposed…a single leaf enters there and is a flying hunk of metal

  3. Danny Quizon 8 Nov 2016 Reply

    I thought this plane was from the video game series Ace Combat by Bandai.

  4. Mario Pk 8 Nov 2016 Reply

    +Sebastian Carrero​​ why do you think the engine is exposed? The intake is more like hidden behind and above the cockpit, as far as I can see in this mockup.
    Furthermore, this air intake location may lead to a major problem while maneuovering the aircraft in high Angles of Attack, i.e. landing, flying displays, dogfighting etc. – the front fuselage's slipstream will create a vacuum around the engine's air intake(s), which is likely to cause a fatal flame-out in the engine.
    This is one of the reasons why most military jets have the intakes located below the fuselage, or at least beside of it.
    Nevertheless, jet engine are not that sensitive to FOD nowadays, I have seen the Typhoon's EJ200 engines eating nearly everything without breaking apart or even cancelling operation, for example ripped of in-flight refueling probes ^^

  5. Assuming the concept is how the plane should be,you notice that the end of the cockpit is in the center not above?

    As for the leaf part I didn't necessarily mean a leaf but anything that small at Mach velocities would probably be catastrophic

  6. I must admit if looks is all that's needed to be the best, this baby would walk away smiling….

  7. Johnny lMccane 9 Nov 2016 Reply


  8. Brent Burzycki 10 Nov 2016 Reply

    All I know is new planes are not pretty

  9. The Boss 11 Nov 2016 Reply

    that's awesome.. i'd love to see that developed

  10. You should try infinite flight it has really really good graphics and very informational.

  11. The Boss 12 Nov 2016 Reply

    that's an awsome idea +Terminator9288 Cyborg

  12. Charles Smith 13 Nov 2016 Reply


  13. ashu mandal 13 Nov 2016 Reply

    so nice

  14. maria sakareli 15 Nov 2016 Reply

    I love it!!!!###

  15. Evangelion Prime 19 Nov 2016 Reply


  16. Evangelion Prime 19 Nov 2016 Reply

    Its wings are new in terms of the design

  17. Charles Smith 23 Nov 2016 Reply


  18. Charles Smith 23 Nov 2016 Reply


  19. Dakota Maatman 10 Dec 2016 Reply

    Not sure if it was one of the other concepts for the movie or not but they are still really close.

  20. Charles Smith 10 Dec 2016 Reply

    That's what up bro

  21. Slobodan Antic 15 Jan 2017 Reply

    I love this

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