No idea how many *NASCAR fans are here…* but we will be both leading and losing…

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No idea how many *NASCAR fans are here…* but we will be both leading and losing the race this weekend in Sonoma, CA at the Toyota SaveMart 350… I assisted in the setup of several Pace Cars for the events at the track and they debut on national TV this weekend. We lead and lose because now there are two pace cars on the track at all times, one in the front and one in the back… my theory is you always win if your first and last…

If you see Whelen Emergency Equipment on the track – that is all me and several others that keep the track safe and sound at every wreak and yellow flag…. 

Checkers or Wreckers we show up….

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  1. Nothing beats being on track at the races. What kinda of certification and training do you need?

  2. Brent Burzycki 21 Jun 2012 Reply

    +Jonathan Velasquez well sadly I am not driving.. they use pro drivers that are usually track employees or people from Nascar to drive the races… 

    As for fire and rescue support that is usually handled by retired or off duty local fire and police…and track employees..

  3. Ha, I was referring to the track marshal and towing stuff. Thanks.

  4. Brent Burzycki 21 Jun 2012 Reply

    I believe some travel with the nascar group and then the rest are hired by the track and trained by the track..

  5. Todd Green 21 Jun 2012 Reply

    Sounds like fun.  What's NASCAR?

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