My shot for this weekend, Thunderbird 5 – Anyone know why the #5 is inverted …

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  1. Kenneth Kruse 12 Jul 2015 Reply

    Because he flys lead solo.

  2. walt d 12 Jul 2015 Reply

    Because he's an upside down kind of guy?

  3. Warren Searle 12 Jul 2015 Reply

    Nice and low. Great process

  4. Dan Goodes 12 Jul 2015 Reply

    "You were in a 4g inverted dive with a MiG28?"…

  5. walt d 12 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki​, okay so tell us. Is it a formation thing?

  6. Darren Neupert 12 Jul 2015 Reply

    It's possible that this plane is always designated to be on the right side. So, when inverted, you still read number 5 easily. Perhaps the other side had a right side up number 5. Just a theory based on how they operate in formation.

  7. Pam Boling 12 Jul 2015 Reply

    Yes, I do, in fact. 🙂
    Great shot! Where were they performing?
    (I live near their HQ and have base access so I get to watch them practice. I love it!)

  8. Ajai Singh 13 Jul 2015 Reply

    Im waiting for the reason

  9. mayank varshney 13 Jul 2015 Reply


  10. Dan Goodes 13 Jul 2015 Reply

    I know the reason now, too. Google is your friend 😄

  11. Amit Kumar 13 Jul 2015 Reply

    To make it colourful

  12. Dan Goodes 13 Jul 2015 Reply

    I'm sure +Brent Burzycki​ knows the reason, too. I had to look it up, but it's pretty sensible really.

  13. gina graziano 13 Jul 2015 Reply

    Ah yes to make it moving colour and have nu. 5 standout! Lovely simply lovely…Want to go fly it NOW

  14. Brent Burzycki 13 Jul 2015 Reply

    Yea I do know… It was a question for all to point out something many never really notice.

    As proven above many do pay attention.

    It is all about inversion time…

  15. Pam Boling 13 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Did you know it's always 5 and 6 who do the two-ship inversion maneuvers?
    And who wouldn't want this guy's job… ???
    Honestly, I don't think I could pull those G's, as much as I would love to try! 😀

  16. Brent Burzycki 14 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Pam Boling​ trying to take photos under high g via a viewfinder.. All I would be doing is reaching for the air sickness bags… No idea how these people do it…

  17. Pam Boling 14 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki Haha me too!

  18. Dan Goodes 14 Jul 2015 Reply

    Just as some people don't experience vertigo, some are lucky enough to not be affected by high-g manoveurs as badly… Lucky buggers!

  19. The inverted one on opposed pass

  20. Jerome Burgess 4 Aug 2015 Reply

    +Dan Goodes Come on, Maverick.

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