More Portfolio revamp shots

16 Jun 2013 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Edgar Bueltemeyer 16 Jun 2013 Reply


  2. Kevin Gault 16 Jun 2013 Reply


  3. Philip Daly 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    Very lovely shot. One to be proud of, for sure 🙂

  4. Steve Oliver 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    Definitely!! What a beautiful shot 🙂

  5. Justin Hill 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I think it's a shot that's certainly worthy of any portfolio. Love the angle and composition and also like the fact that the entire image is pretty much made up of cream tones with no bright colors jumping out. Beautiful model too. Superb.

  6. Jim Denham 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    The light is beautiful, the pose and look are great, and that little tattoo keeps my head pondering! Wonderful image +Brent Burzycki !

  7. Darren Neupert 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    Absatively and posolutely worth it!

  8. Andy Stuart 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    +Jim Denham which particular tattoo are you looking at 😉
    +Brent Burzycki This is a great shot as the guys are right the pose, light, composition and model are just stunning combined with that coy look  with "Those eyes" – time for a cold shower  lol.
    Well done get it into your folio right now.

  9. Hemi Patu 16 Jun 2013 Reply

    Awesome work, well worth going in your portfolio. Is it possible for me to use it on my channel too? Credits will be added to the description (:

    Here is a link to my channel:

    ~ Enjoii

  10. Stuart Ponder 17 Jun 2013 Reply

    Definitely a portfolio shot.

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