Lightroom 5 has been released

10 Jun 2013 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Nick Young-Soares 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    I must admit I am not minding paying for CC as much as I thought I would. 

  2. Kevin Gault 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    Why I'm not going to pay out the butt for cloud and only use it as a stand alone. $600+/ yr for only 2 apps that I use is crazy or would be crazy on my end.

  3. Brent Burzycki 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    I have to say I use 3 apps.. and its about to go from 29.99 to 49.99 – has me rethinking what I use.. 

    I will say this.. the update to my catalog just took over 40 minutes to complete… and none of my settings – well the important ones came across in the new install…

  4. Kevin Gault 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    I use more than 2, but that's at work and not home. If I did any freelance stuff it night be worth it but alas I don't. Home it's Lightroom mainly and sometimes photoshop, but that's been quite a while.
    I do have this bug and really need to go work on my shooting. Hopefully a new local will get me out the door this coming weekend.

  5. Nick Young-Soares 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    I use four pretty often ID, II, PS and LR. But I am starting to use more too like Muse/Dreamweaver and I want to learn Premiere and Aftereffects. So it's fun having the option.

  6. Joseph Belcher II 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    As a student I'm using about 9 of them on a regular basis and paying $19 a month.  Even when it goes up to $50 for me I'm still spending less money since I always upgraded my Master Suite in the past. Personally I think if they went with $10 a month per program then that would be a reasonable price.

     I wish Adobe Captivate was added. I just picked it up after the V.7 release a few days ago. I held out on buying it hoping it would be added, but I need it for a project so I finally bought it. My luck it will be added to CC now that I finally paid for it. 

  7. Brent Burzycki 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    Sadly it seems the one app I need like captivate is never part of the plan I am on at the time..

  8. Jason Odell 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    Personally, I'm getting the perpetual use license for LR5. I have CS6 and will contemplate CC at a later time. ACR 8.1 was released for Photoshop today, too.

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