I am not sure what to say about this

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  1. Darren Neupert 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    In the event you need to deliver ammo from Kabul to Kandahar in record time.

  2. Mike Wilson 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    Duck Dynasty style…

  3. David Ryan Taylor 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    What is badass? I don't see anything.
    (the camo is that good…)

  4. Travis Bean 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    Almost as good as some of the trucks up here in Maine. Show me realtree camo paint and I'll be really impressed

  5. Kevin Gault 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    Ugh, camo works for some things but not this. Such a shame on such a great car.

  6. Ian Makin 10 Jun 2013 Reply

    Works well except for the red brake callipers.

  7. A Ferrari should stay RED 🙂 This is a shame….

  8. Stuart Ponder 11 Jun 2013 Reply

    Yesterday's pic was a model in a camo bikini top, today a camo car. I'm sensing a theme here.

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