Just a shot of a friend of mine……..

05 Sep 2011 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Ayoub Khote 5 Sep 2011 Reply

    A gorgeous shot of a gorgeous woman!

  2. Kirk Jordan 5 Sep 2011 Reply

    I keep trying to think of something witty…. but I am thinking I would either want her to be much more than a friend… or I would stear clear. Hard to keep a friend like this in the middle zone.

  3. C Alan Crandall 5 Sep 2011 Reply

    I like photogenic friends …

  4. Jeremy Carlton 5 Sep 2011 Reply

    I wish any of my friends looked half as decent as her. I've got to find hotter friends.

  5. jon madison 5 Sep 2011 Reply

    you know, just a pal, lol

  6. Brent Burzycki 5 Sep 2011 Reply

    Yeh I wish I qualified for girls like this…. I work too much and girls aparentally take time and effort…. She is super cool – for being smoking hot…. but alas I only take photos….. Plus relationships, glamour photography, jealous boyfriends and girlfriends… they make things more difficult…..

  7. Brent Burzycki 6 Sep 2011 Reply

    That's actually a hot friend store……

  8. Landon Dacus 6 Sep 2011 Reply

    hope she lives!! lol, see what i did there?! photography humor is my strong suit!

  9. Rob Fishback 6 Sep 2011 Reply

    Nice friend!

  10. Brent Burzycki 6 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Rob Fishback she passed my friend interview… Are you hot – Check…. Passed…

  11. long yan 7 Sep 2011 Reply


  12. Brent Burzycki 9 Sep 2011 Reply

    +long yan Thanks

  13. Monty Montz 10 Sep 2011 Reply

    I like the intricate design of her bikini top… such artistry. Wow !!!

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