Just a note – First Photo Give-A-Way done

08 Oct 2011 admin In G+ Posts

.. winner got a MPIX standoff of the image they wanted from my portfolio… 85 buck value and the standouts look killer…. Just ask the winner…. because he is the one that told me…

I will do another one as I approach 20,000….

Appreciate all the new followers…!

Reshared post from +Brent Burzycki

Well it seems I will easily surpass 10,000 followers today it seems…. so to celebrate this I will be giving away a print to someone

(Who I have no idea – its not a contest) but to someone that wants either one of my Thunderbirds Aviation shots or and I have no idea how you will decide – or one of my Glamour prints……

I will give the winner of the non-contest a choice and ship it out when I get my head above water…

So all you need to do is toss a comment here with one of the following words…


And when I hit 10,000 I will pick one of the commenters at random and you will win (well if it was a contest)

Honestly its just a simple thank you for following.. I would love to give out 10,000 prints…but then I would be poor but happy….

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  1. Paul Danger Kile 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    An aviation pick would be nice. My ex-wife was a pilot, but I only used cheap cameras back then, so my aviation pics are awful. 🙂

  2. Oh well, I like a lot your Glamour shots so I kick in for one of those 🙂

  3. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    I will announce the next one as I get closer to that mark….. will not be for awhile thou….

    I might have more aviation stuff tomorrow if i can break loose to go see the Blue Angels….

  4. Dirk Meijer 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    Would not mind to win an aviation photo

  5. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Angel Figueroa I say that same thing for anyone with more than I…. like a model I know with 300,000…..

    I really have done nothing special to accrue followers.. other than been very lucky to be on some lists and also because of being here from day one and just being interactive…..

    And honestly one of the most important aspects.. ACTUALLY REPLY TO POSTS… something many – especially some of the big dogs on here fail to do…. I find that truly bad taste….

  6. Michael Laird 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    AVIATION is exciting

  7. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Angel Figueroa heck my work lost me two followers the other day….. 🙂

  8. Well, I've lost a follower just one hour ago because he didn't like my 'porn' shots 🙁

  9. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Gabriele Castelli +Angel Figueroa yeh they said my post was not safe for work… I replied.. guess that matters where you work..

    +Gabriele Castelli I have seen images getting pulled for nudity.. I have been holding off and sadly I think i will continue because as my following grows it becomes more and more of a potential issue…

    I wish there was a way to have a private subscribe only circle where we could share images that are main stream less friendly…

    PS: that model on the vehicle is very pretty… what did you use to shoot those shots…

  10. +Brent Burzycki you know, I hoped this Google+ would be more free than Facebook or other similar places, and for now my scantly dressed or nude photos resist.

    To me the number of followers isn't a target, so I prefear to post what I like and let my followers choose wether to keep me in their circles or not.

    We are all grown ups. 🙂

  11. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Angel Figueroa Everyone has one.. 🙂

    Still I have to agree we are all grown ups as +Gabriele Castelli states… sadly the TOS here clearly does not think we are.. and that is sadly because many are not grown ups and act like idiots and kill self policing for the rest of us…

  12. +Angel Figueroa thank you for your point of view.

    Maybe that gallery is not worthy being uncircled by estimated photographers, but I don't want to start asking myself "will this picture offend someone?" before posting also on G+.

  13. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Gabriele Castelli I am sure it would have been pulled from Facebook…

  14. +Angel Figueroa please, note that I was writing with the maximum consideration of your opinion. My english is not so good, so maybe I seem to be rude, but this is not absolutely intended 🙂

  15. +Brent Burzycki sure, infact on Facebook I don't have any nude photo. Well, actually one there is, but nobody noticed 😀

    My main portfolio is on Photo.net, though.

  16. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Gabriele Castelli Your English is better than mine…. and I am from the US.. 🙂

  17. LOL!

    thanks 😀

  18. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Gabriele Castelli you have some good stuff over there…..

    This girl must have been fun to work with.. she has a very different look in a very incredible body…


  19. Thank you Brent 🙂

    Ehe that pic is the one that resists on Facebook.
    (my favourite is the sepia close up, instead)

    Not only she's beautiful and a very skilled woman, but she's also one of the nicest persons I've ever known. I have pics from three sessions with her and I'm going to gather some of them for a project book.

    Sadly, she decided to retire, so last saturday I got my last photos of her :'(

  20. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Gabriele Castelli that's a bummer.. but I have had many models retire on me also..
    Where are you located..

  21. +Brent Burzycki Italy, 40km north of Milan. And you?

  22. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Gabriele Castelli that would explain the beautiful models…

    +Brent Fishman sure.. not sure how much my stuff would fetch… but if your happy with 2 or 3 bucks… I am all for it…

  23. +Brent Burzycki , all the models you see in my port, except two, come from Hungary (like D.) or Czech Republic or Poland 😀

  24. Brent Burzycki 8 Oct 2011 Reply

    +Gabriele Castelli even more interesting… I need to move to Europe….

  25. You should 🙂
    Even just for a leisure trip.

  26. Elizabeth Hahn 9 Oct 2011 Reply

    All your photos are great, but I love the aviation ones best. And pick me, you won't have to ship it, just bring it to a photowalk!

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