I wish I knew more about this photo

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I wish I knew more about this photo… This seems either nuts or a very interesting perspective.


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  1. Jaasim Mulla 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Vertical rock face, vertical hornet climb

  2. Olav de With 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Jaasim Mulla Swiss pilots just know how to fly their F-18's

  3. Claude Colibri 27 Nov 2015 Reply


  4. Amber Barnett 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Wow that's awsome!

  5. Andrew Sauls 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Indeed! 😎

  6. Amber Barnett 27 Nov 2015 Reply


  7. Andrew Sauls 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    The FA-18 Hornet can produce more thrust than it weighs and so can not only go 90° up can accelerate as well! Thanks for sharing this photo 😎

  8. 拆二少 27 Nov 2015 Reply


  9. Original Syn 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Go go go

  10. Dipu Chako 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Olav de With excellent display of professionalism

  11. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    That takes balls and timing

  12. keith olszewski 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    There are old pilots. There are bold pilots. There are no old, bold pilots. (Chuck Yeager?)

  13. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +keith olszewski​​ Chuck is the man. He goes up every year in a modern fighter plane and breaks to sound barrier. Last time he went he yelling at the pilot as he got in the cockpit of a F-15 saying…."Everytime I get in here there's more gauges!! AoA display??!! If you're a pilot and don't know your AoA without using a gauge you shouldn't be a pilot!!"…young USAF pilot just laughing and shaking his head. Freaking old gangster that Chuck.

  14. Jorge Macias 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    One of the best pic i ever se in this line

  15. Quino George 27 Nov 2015 Reply


  16. Mama Theresa 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Love you baby girl

  17. steve Franklin 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Is that real mmm

  18. Michael Richards 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    That is a Shit Hot pilot 🙂

  19. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    What is that? F-18 Super Hornet!

  20. Michael Richards 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Ike Rouse Not Super Hornet – Regular one A-C Model.

  21. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Yeah ok, they have so many versions of them. The last version is the growler i believe

  22. Peter Sinkevich 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    That is a pretty wild photo!

  23. …My photoshop alarm is ringing…

  24. Christopher Ralph 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    That kind of flying takes balls of steel and the reflexes of a ninja timelord.

  25. Michael Richards 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Ike Rouse the Growler is the 2 seat electronic warefare version called the EA-18G. The Super hornet comes in single seat FA-18E and tandem cockpit version which is the FA-18F.

  26. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Someone said photo shopped maybe? Just saying.

  27. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Michael Richards you sure know about your military jets, almost time for retirement for these jets. Or keep selling them overseas to NATO nations. Still better than most USSR/ Russian jets

  28. Michael Richards 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Thanks +Ike Rouse the E/F will be around quite a while, there's nothing really in the pipeline that can fully replace it. F-35 will pick up some of the slack. But the F18 will probably be around at least another 10 and possibly 20 years…

  29. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Keep upgrading with jamming equipment and so on! F-18 H,I,J etc etc.. Time to replace that B-52 Stratto with next generation also B-1 and B1B! Only so many upgrades you can do

  30. Anita Kuipers 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Realy wow

  31. keith olszewski 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Ike Rouse Ol Buf (B52) is being flown by the children of the original pilots. It will be flown by their grand kids in 2050……

  32. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    100 years by then! Two generations.. Rolling Thunder, Run Gookers Run

  33. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Well going on 3 generations at least. No more flying for humans by then

  34. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Fazing us humans out.

  35. Brando Phoenix 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Matthew Sharp Great story about the Legend Chuck Yeager. I loved his story in the movie "The Right Stuff".

  36. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Brando Phoenix Yeah, he is the OG of flight. Pretty awesome guy. And OMFG….the aircraft he has flown. Jeesh

  37. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +keith olszewski Let's hope not. The LRS-B should be in service for 30 years by 2050 hopefully. Northrop Grumman admitted to having a "mature" prototype. I'm pretty sure it's already flying. And was caught above TX already.

  38. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    People probably thought it was a UFO… Scared the dog Doo Doo out of them.. TR3B

  39. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    I still can't imagine the balls it took to do this!! He is so freaking close to that rock face. Most pilots go over the mountain not up and over. I'd love to see a video of this. Doesn't even look like he has enough room to flip it over to make sure he don't skip it off the rocks. 99.9999% of pilots would never attempt that shit. Lol….just insane.

  40. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    If that was a 2 seater and I was in the back seat….I would have ejected. Fuck that. Probably hot girls with cameras taking this picture. Pilot probably died in a pussy avalanche when he landed. Show off

  41. Ike Rouse 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    80 Billion for 100 long range strike bombers by 2020.. Wholly shit snacks! Military over the poor & starving people of the nation.

  42. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Ike Rouse I highly doubt 100 will be in service. I'm think 5-10 by 2020. And by then it'll probably be entering service as the LRS-B Block 30. Lol

  43. Brando Phoenix 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Matthew Sharp Lol, Yup dude smokin hot chicks in daisy dukes and bikini tops took this photo (From what I heard).

  44. Matthew Sharp 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Brando Phoenix I believe it. Lol

  45. James Anderson 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Living in the danger zone

  46. David Cheng 27 Nov 2015 Reply


  47. Kaylee Green 28 Nov 2015 Reply


  48. Isaac Rouse 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    Open your mind quade

  49. Darius Linton 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    Pretty nice

  50. Olga Tenezaca 28 Nov 2015 Reply


  51. Jerry Glenn 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    Where was the person taking the picture

  52. Flinch xI 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    He's pulling away at the last second… you can tell by looking at the elevators, condensation and the exhaust.

  53. Mohammad Azizi 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    This looks so cool

  54. Darius Linton 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    I know right

  55. Jessica Craven 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    How high can it go? It looks very cool.

  56. Ike Rouse 28 Nov 2015 Reply

    He's at max Q! Houston this is a kick ass ride…

  57. K Doyle 29 Nov 2015 Reply


  58. Ike Rouse 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Fly like an eagle

  59. SanAndreas Perez 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Hey Brent B.all That I can say bravo bravo

  60. Philip Stephens 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Great camera angle, he is nowhere near the rock face. Probably half a kilometer behind it in free air. Ground effect alone would throw him away from the wall.

  61. Pete Joyce 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Gutsy Pilot.

  62. edilson almeida 30 Nov 2015 Reply


  63. Zack McNaughton 2 Dec 2015 Reply

    Where is this happening

  64. Jorge Macias 3 Dec 2015 Reply


  65. Yeah, (s)he's probably out in midair … the detail on the stone would tell me that, versus the jet. I know the jet is too big to be able to see that much detail on the stone when the it's that close.

  66. SanAndreas Perez 4 Dec 2015 Reply

    Im too big

  67. 須貝卓真 6 Dec 2015 Reply

    It is very beautiful!!
    Which is F/A-18e or F/A-18c ?
    By the way, I like Super hornet

  68. John Birch 7 Dec 2015 Reply

    Looks like real BUT shot with some kind of telephoto lens or f-stop to trash the perspective. That aircraft is no where near that rock. I assure you if the pilot really tried this, and it was his lucky day, he would be killed instantly as he struck the cloud made from rock. DEAD! If unlucky he'd make the climb, get the pic, get the girls or guys he wants to bed, have the pic go viral, be summoned to a head shed at least two sheds above his. At said shed he will be told to shed his uniform and will then have his nightmare begin. AKA An out of uniform experience, out the base gate in civies clutching $200 in 20's, a ticket to his home of record, and a bad conduct discharge. In civilian speak he's got a felony conviction that will follow him wherever he tries to settle. And each day he will curse God for allowing him to live that day at the mountain.

  69. Jemy Burkina 10 Dec 2015 Reply


  70. Kezanza the Great 10 Dec 2015 Reply

    My guess is that if this photo is legit, then this Swiss F/A-18 is between (but out in front of) two separate cliff faces. That is, one cliff face is to the aircraft's right, and the other is to its left. (Note the air flow in front of the cliff at the bottom of the photo.)

  71. Kezanza the Great 10 Dec 2015 Reply

    Sorry, both this and the last post are not actually by Kezanza, but I am certain that Kenanza will not mind. We know each other well enough.

  72. Shawna Stickle 13 Dec 2015 Reply

    Wow I like.

  73. There isn't any reason to dought this photo, as someone else said it's probably a lot to do with the angels and the cliff and where it is-as well as the other fella said F 18 is at least and definitely with no ordnance and probably only about 1500 lbs of fuel would be at the least a 1 to 1 weight to thrust ratio -but in this configuration I would guess more like LBS to(close)to M/T=1 to-4 -and you can tell from the condensing flow over the wing, an the elevator(stabulator) that this in my opinion is authentic -and as far as regulation's I'm guessing that the plane probably is 500 ft from any contact -so no foul there -years ago in northern England there is a Vally that pilots would fly down at about a 45 degree attitude for more then a mile, and it was open and wide plus deep,(sounds like a different description) the people that lived close to the base would stand on the hillside and Snap pictures -it looked like a line of F-16s & 15s were flying super less then a 100 ft from terrain, with people present,-but all in the way it was "STAGED" and I'm thinking that's probably what we are seeing here -NO MATTER WHAT IT -IS OR WAS -IT'S ONE COOL PICTURE -#callsign @bigfigs #*gettinhigh

  74. Shane COOMB-ia 18 Dec 2015 Reply

    Nice shot

  75. bulent nur 20 Dec 2015 Reply


  76. Izay Roberson 22 Dec 2015 Reply

    Wow man

  77. Peggy Owens 21 Jan 2016 Reply

    +Andrew Sauls : INdio

  78. Peggy Owens 21 Jan 2016 Reply


  79. Pauli Matikainen 1 Feb 2016 Reply

    Pounding thruster.

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