I will never complain about new followers but is it just me or has the number of…

30 May 2014 admin In G+ Posts

I will never complain about new followers but is it just me or has the number of real people that are following diminished greatly lately? I am sure everyone one of these in the screenshot are totally real and will bring tons of great conversations to G+ – but some sure look a bit sketchy 🙂

I will say this – if you follow me and are a real person with real want to make a better G+ with good posts and great content – let me know in a private message and heck I might even follow you back…. 

Seems like we need to do a bit of culling of the followers that are not really people here to make this place better.. 

I sure hope we do not lose the great conversation here based on diluted followers .. or maybe its our long term citizens to block the bad ones and hope Google is weeding them out also….

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  1. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    I am a real person..  follow me back, please!!??

    I've really noticed a lot of "businesses" following me lately.. but I can't keep up with them all.. I have no idea who follows me.. or even why..

  2. Ray Cornell 30 May 2014 Reply

    I went through a spell a little while back where I would get 7 -10 notices about new followers And they all had attended the same college and lived in the same small town. Looked very suspicious to me.

  3. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Sandra Parlow Yes I follow you based on peer pressure and you knack at calling me names…. clearly I like that.. so if you can find me some kind of physiotherapist to follow me and figure out what is going on please do.. 🙂

    +Ray Cornell I have also found some strange trends in followers.. many many many from India and other countries that I just cannot honestly say are following me for the right reasons and with no profile info its really hard to know anything more…

  4. J. Rae Chip 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Sandra Parlow I follow you because Google told me to follow you.

    +Brent Burzycki yea I have noticed this with my profile too. The number of actual engaging people on my profile is shrinking (maybe because they get bored with G+ or maybe they're busy or maybe they think I'm a jerk…. who knows) while my follower count grows. Hello Facebook+ lol. The number of spam accounts here is crazy these days!

  5. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    you don't need a psychotherapist +Brent Burzycki .  I know what's wrong with you.  
    You're a masochist.  That's why you follow me. You like it when I degrade you and whip call you names.  ;P

    +J. Rae Chip  good to know that it's working!  I'm going to owe them some money!!

  6. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    Clearly I know I am a jerk… +J. Rae Chip just ask +Sandra Parlow 🙂

  7. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    yup.. it's true… ; P

  8. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    Hahaha haha……..

  9. J. Rae Chip 30 May 2014 Reply

    Ok so where do I find my own massochistic man to whip and beat the shit out of?

  10. J. Rae Chip 30 May 2014 Reply


  11. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    We are out there…. Trust me…. Just ask Sandra! She knows them all…

  12. J. Rae Chip 30 May 2014 Reply

    hmmm. I know most of the men who talk to Sandra, and all of them seem like they are too nice to abuse.
    (I don't have any desire to abuse anyone, actually)

  13. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    Ask her for one of her stalkers

  14. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    lol! +J. Rae Chip you have to dig a little deeper to find the inner masochist!! ;P


    Brent is a special one though.. he has special "requirements" ..  

  15. J. Rae Chip 30 May 2014 Reply

    lol I have my own stalkers if I want to do that. And I bet there are twice as many.

  16. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    Great I am special…. Tats great news

  17. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    Why is it important who "follows" you or whether they are real or not? If they do not engage it doesn't really matter. If they engage, great. Have a conversation. IMHO the "purity" of g+ is Google's business, people who'd like to talk about something are not shy to post comments.

  18. Adrian Levi 30 May 2014 Reply

    Actual engagement on a post? Pfft. /dev/null 😉

  19. Ben Sellars 30 May 2014 Reply

    Over the last few months I've noticed most "people" who add me are either not real or they're trying to sell something; frequently services I wouldn't even be interested in. See a lot of realtors from Australia.

  20. Tom Gehrke 30 May 2014 Reply

    Been noticing the same thing, though I'm sure it's worse for you guys.

    I try to check out the profiles of people who circle me to determine whether I want to circle them back. The upside is that I don't have to bother when the account is obviously fake.

  21. Graciela Quiroga 30 May 2014 Reply

    si llama la atención que arman la pagina tienen seguidores y visitantes y no tienen nada publicado. A esos no los agrego.

  22. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Daniel Sachs it's honestly not that important… I do find it interesting that I have been here since the beginning of g+ initially massive follower growth… Then for about a year now even though my habits have not changed much about what and when I post my folower count has not really changed.. Which I assume is the addition and in turn removal of bad accounts and I tend to see pretty consistent added followers per week…
    Just trying to (in my head) better understand how it works here… It seems 45 to 50k is a stopping point for many and then when you get past that the next point is 100k.

    I am just happy anyone wants to follow my work or me but I also want to provide good content people want and or better understand why people follow me… Etc…

  23. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    I guess a good example is last night Taylor Swift started following me… No not the real one and its all just junk ads…

    It would just be nice to know real people that follow me so I can more easily see if I want to follow them back…

  24. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    I agree. I've actually been thinking about what you've written and I think that people who are new to the network tend to follow people with high number of followers to get a sense of what is going on. It is less about the content per se, although I have to say I personally enjoy many of your posts, but more about being "on board" sort o'speak. Many also do not understand the concept of g+ and follow , at least initially, and follow other people in hopes to be followed as well. This obviously doesn't work like that. And that is the beauty of g+ in my mind. As somebody who's , like you, been on g+ since day one I do not post much publicly. I do share a lot with my family, and we use g+ as a mean to share thoughts and photos. I do comment a lot, on various topics and have had great conversations with people. I don't feel the need to circle them and they do not feel the need to circle me either. But we do need a place, a ring, to be able to do so. High profile posters provide this by creating interesting topics to talk about, like this one. So that may be another angle. Plus, and this is only a feeling, I don't have facts to support it, I think there is a boost of new people exploring g+ lately. So, there is also that, may be.

  25. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki LOL maybe Swift is into ads now. I heard diets are hot topic right now.

  26. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    I have to say that I have found some of the best people here based solely on their involvement in either my posts or simply via involvement on others post… As in I like what they have to say or like what they do and I in turn follow them back.

    I have always looked at g+ as making actual friendships… This is a huge difference from other sites.. I have issues with some things here mainly private messaging and now no photos with comments like Facebook has.. I think a better private messaging system where I an assured of receiving single name and small group messages and the addition of inline photos in post comments would make g+ even more useful on many levels..

    Hopefully with the management change up at Google for g+ we will see other positive changes that will help those of us here be able to continue to grow and develop great relationships here.

    I have found following the Google engineers that are developing g+ a great way to try to stay on top of g+ changes but in turn I think the roll-out of new features is not promoted enough here…

  27. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    As someone who's had great growth in numbers in a short time, I'm finding that the ratio of followers to actual interaction is WAY down.  

    I don't know if people join up, add people then get bored and don't use the service, if they are too shy to say anything, or if they prefer to just watch other people, but I am still seeing the same amount, maybe even less, interaction these days, and I also have been pretty consistent in my posting habits.  

    Follower numbers really do NOT mean anything – it's the amount of people who you can get a reaction from that matters.  I agree, it would be nice to know how many of your followers really do look, read and pay attention, even if they don't always interact.

  28. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Sandra Parlow I have to say that I'm like that, I do comment a lot, relatively, but only on subjects that are relevant to me at that point and I have something new to add to the conversation. I do read almost everything, including the comments. I believe many people are like that.

  29. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Daniel Sachs  I have a few people who plus everything and never say anything.  Sometimes I'll PM them and say "you know, you can speak to me and it would be ok"  lol!

    (not often – just occasionally) and it kind of breaks the ice a bit but yeah, a lot of people just never say anything but they are paying attention. 

  30. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    I think +Sandra Parlow you are a great example of the question in my head… And I definitely see people with very few.. And I mean under 100 people get great interaction… That said I believe that those people that follow those people also are close friends and the interactions are more real people…. As in 100 real people that know each other can talk a lot…

    But I think you are also very correct in what you are seeing as far as people hiding or just watching… I think many suffer from lurkeridis…. Bad no.. But why be on a social network and not be at least a bit social.. But this place is here for however people want to use it.. As +Daniel Sachs says he uses it for more family and private posts.. I tend to be very public here where on Facebook I only am sharing with "friends" or people that cannot figure out social and or g+…

  31. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    Damn it +Sandra Parlow, that tagline of yours! Loved it! And that post about clouds – instant reshare. LOL

  32. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Sandra Parlow does tend to scare people …. she is way to nice and posts way too much good content… for spammers they cannot handle that……. 

  33. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    I'm the same way Brent. I only really use FB for my local connections and I wish I could just shut it right down.

    I have a core group of people here that are very interactive and I am very great ful for them.

  34. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply

    Glad I could bring you a chuckle +Daniel Sachs!

  35. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    My issue with fb is that the circle of people is too tight. Meaning I'm not exposed to new ideas, new personalities, new fields and new content. This is why I haven't used fb for a couple of years now. I keep the account there for my work as a developer. Here I have an opportunity to meet new people, just like I just met +Sandra Parlow and at the same time have private conversations with my family. My family was hooked to g+ because of the instant upload for photos and we share a lot of them between each other but they also started to use g+ more extensively lately.

  36. Shawn Brezny 30 May 2014 Reply

    Human here, though some have called me other names.  I think most of the social networks have lots of spammy follower/users, which are getting ready to unleash something big upon all of us… hahah

  37. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    Beep boop.. Blink lights…. Processing +Shawn Brezny as human…

  38. Daniel Horande 30 May 2014 Reply

    Certainly Google plus people seems to be little fake. I get added by some people that I can't even pronounce their names, and some of them have their names in another alphabet. Why would you follow me or add me if you don't can't even communicate with me?… Weird. Social networks are getting flooded with these type of things, bots, fake accounts, etc. I have 2700 followers here and when I post something, I think 4-5 max +1 my posts, and I think that I do a good job at my photos, probably or the best, but they are OK I think. If you want to follow me back +Brent Burzycki, would be nice, specially having some of your feedback and opinions, since yo are one of the great guys at photography.

  39. Roseann Lawrence 30 May 2014 Reply

    Ok, it happen to me but i like it, follow me as long as u want. No indian stalkers please

  40. Brent Burzycki 30 May 2014 Reply

    No Indian stalkers…. What fun is that? 🙂

  41. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    OK, while sipping some cold beer this afternoon, following this conversation, I'm going to conduct a small experiment over the next month, starting June 1st. Will report my findings on July 1st, if I'm not dead or get bored with it. You can participate if you are bored, by resharing my posts over the next month, but only the ones that are marked with bold letters… Dahell with it – reshare whatever you like but those with bold will be utter bs, like kitten pictures. The goal of this highly "scientific" experiment is to figure out how many real people will plusone, reshare, or comment and especially how many junk followers I will get over this period of time. Could be fun, could be a total boredom, but we'll see. 🙂

  42. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    No, wait, don't reashare, it will ruin it, since I already know you are real people.

  43. Roseann Lawrence 30 May 2014 Reply

    Lol, will do. U already make that statement

  44. Daniel Sachs 30 May 2014 Reply

    +Roseann Lawrence damn it! Nooooo! LOL

  45. Sandra Parlow 30 May 2014 Reply


  46. Katherin Garcia 30 May 2014 Reply

    disculpa por los inconvenientes no todas las personas son falsas solo aquellas que demuestran no serlo

  47. Brent Burzycki 31 May 2014 Reply

    +Katherin Garcia are you following me? Are you the one in the screenshot above… Can I ask what made you decide to follow me…?

    I am curious….

    And it's not an inconvenience it's more of a personal experiment for me… The why behind the follow…..

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