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Thanks +Mike Wiacek

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So Restoration Hardware has these cool prints of the moon. (  The downside?  They are $355 EACH – and there are 6 of them. 🙁  OUCH!

They have a cool super contrasty look to them. I wanted to see if I could get something similar to that on my own.  NASA makes TONS of amazing images available to the public free of charge.  I found some high res TIFF images of the moon courtesy of "NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio".

I processed them using the +Nik Collection by Google. Specifically using Silver Efex Pro 2 – to get the cool effect similar to the Restoration Hardware images.

I've merged them into one giant pano which I'm providing here.  The source imagery is from NASA and as a government work is not subject to copyright, but the modifications and composition here are copyright me and made available to everyone under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. (full text here:

This is a high res image, 3600px tall by 25200px wide.  Enjoy it!  Each shot of the moon is exactly 12 inches x 12 inches @ 300dpi.

Download the full size here:


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  1. Kevin Gault 30 May 2014 Reply

    That's awesome and some nice work. +Mike Wiacek it's certainly appreciated that you put in the work and made it available to folks.

  2. Vee Ess 30 May 2014 Reply

    Well done…

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