Has anyone purchase Camera360 Ultimate for Android?

27 Nov 2011 admin In G+ Posts
So as I can figure this was available in the Android market – then it disappeared and stopped working for all customers, like me…..

Now I hear the app or company or something was sold to Amazon? And now the Ultimate version is available from the Amazon store and it is now requiring people to re-download the app to get it to work – thou I have to say from reading the very unhappy reviews it might not even work there…..

Anyone have any more info?


I know this is only 3.99 but when I email the company for support and they tell me the app was removed from the Android Market for no known reason I think someone might be full of it…. I am just trying to figure out who that might be.. this seems very petty for a company like Amazon…so I am hoping that all or most of the rumors are not true…

I did like this app it was my photo app of choice….

+Amazon.com +camera360

I just wish someone would come forward from some company and either issue credits for those of us that paid or simply get us a version that will work.

That would be good customer service….. just a strange deal with lots of strange stories…

Amazon.com: Camera360 Ultimate: Appstore for Android
Amazon.com: Camera360 Ultimate: Appstore for Android

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  1. Mike Keller 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    I couldn't get the free version to work, I don't pay money if I can't make the free one work.

  2. Brent Burzycki 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    It used to work really well for me..then its like the versions in the android market all started failing…..strange

  3. Shanti Gilbert 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    I have it on my Samsung Galaxy S, for a good 3 months and it is still my favorite camera app, but I can-t find it in the market anymore :S i got an update a few days ago after that, the ultimate version is gone, I can't download from amazon as I am on in the US but I am going to be pissed when I find out this wont be available in the android market anymore 🙁

  4. Brent Burzycki 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    Well if you email their support i am pretty sure you will get the we have no idea what is going on answer…….its like someone sold the app and forgot to tell the employees…

  5. Shanti Gilbert 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    scratch that, I didn't get an update a few days ago, it was for another camera app… now I am pissed as I see there is a new version and I am stuck with my paid app in the old version :'(

  6. Shanti Gilbert 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki hmm I will try and email them, lets see what response I get!

  7. Brent Burzycki 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    The version i had just stopped working……ie reverted back to the free version…

  8. Shanti Gilbert 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    http://www.amazon.com/PinGuo-Digital-Camera360-Ultimate/product-reviews/B004JKAOP8/ref=cm_cr_dp_synop?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=0&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending#R3QFPLW9DJBC6S it sees we are out of luck 🙁

    mine is still the ultimate version, it has not reverted back, I swear if it does I am going pirate on their ass 😛

  9. Robert Dietrich 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    mine is still working

  10. Brent Burzycki 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    It is very possible i reinstalled it trying to make it work and thus lost it…

  11. Robert Dietrich 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    i would think they would have to honor the people who paid for the app already?

  12. Shanti Gilbert 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    on their site it says 'Notice:The paid version of Camera360 for Android can’t be found on Google Market recently. Sorry about the inconvenience it brought to you. We are trying our best to figure out any solution to solve the problem. Hop you understand and wait a little. Thanks a lot.'

    whatever that means

  13. Shanti Gilbert 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    I probably didn't notice it was gone since I always restore from my titanium backup

  14. Michael Rasmussen 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    I used it today, it's the default camera app on my phone
    Shanti Gilbert's post prompted me to check the Amazon App Market and it is available there.

  15. Brent Burzycki 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    Avail only in the amazon market as i can tell…. Well the ultimate version…..and it does work…

  16. Barry Grau 27 Nov 2011 Reply

    I have Camera360 Ultimate v2.5.3 installed. I can't find it in my apps on either the Android Market or the Amazon App Store, but I have an email receipt indicating that I purchased it from the Android Market on February 24th. The Amazon App Store keeps indicating to me that I have it installed, but I didn't buy it from them, and should they reinstall it? I keep bailing at that point. BTW, I don't like the Amazon App Store. I've had trouble updating apps from it (including the appstore app itself without which none of the apps from it will work), and I don't like that I have to keep the appstore app installed to use other appstore apps.

  17. Elizabeth Hahn 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    I just have the free version – and that's all I see in the Android Market too. I really like it when I remember that I have it!

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