Great Give Away from +Jim Davis – Circle Him and say "I'm In" and reshare…

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Great Give Away from +Jim Davis – Circle Him and say "I'm In" and reshare the post… you might just be the lucky owner of a beautiful Metallic print….

Stop waiting… Re-sharing is free and the core of G+

Reshared post from +Jim Davis

Limited Edition Signed Print Give Away Announcement!

"Spirits in the Rock" Zion Narrows

A few days ago I mentioned I would be having a print give away. Well the time has come for the official announcement!

Based on an overwhelming and positive feedback I've had I decided to do a limited edition print of my Zion Narrows "Spirits in the Rock" on 24×36" metallic paper that I took while on a recent trip to Utah. Not only will there be a print give away but I will also be offering a Google+ exclusive discount. Prints two through Nine at a 25% discount and prints 11 through 20 at a 15% discount.

Due to this being a limited edition run I have set the value at $750. The giveaway print will be print 1/100. After the giveaway there will be another post if you are interest in purchasing a limited edition print at the Google+ exclusive discount

What's the catch you ask?

All you have to do is
1. Comment in this post with "I'm In"
2. Share this original post in the spirit of what Google+ stands for
3. I must be in your circle. If not add me

That's it!

Original post:

Current entries and status (if there is a red box next to your name you need to fulfill that requirement)

This giveaway will be a random draw courtesy of

There will be plenty of time to get your name in for the giveaway. Entries will close Sunday December 18th at 11:00 pm EST Canada time.

Cheers and good luck everyone!

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  2. Diane Holderfield 10 Dec 2011 Reply

    I'm in too!

  3. Lonn Dugan 10 Dec 2011 Reply

    I'm in!

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