For those that might attend the California Capital Airshow – here are the details…

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For those that might attend the California Capital Airshow – here are the details about the photo tours they have this year

Not cheap but it might be a good investment to get the shots you want.

Details here:

Seems like some interesting access that is granted….


I am very happy to announce the return of the Photo Tour to the 2013 California Capital Airshow! This October 5th and 6th, come and experience one of the few air shows with a military jet demonstration team this year, The Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds, and the following performers:

The Horsemen – Flying three F-86 Sabre jets

Kirby Chambliss

Red Bull Air Force wing suit flyers

Franklin's Flying Circus Dracula and the Rise of Vacul

Greg Shelton
Barnstorming and wing walking act

Indy Boys

Michael Goulian

John Klatt Airshows

We are making many improvements this year including:
Lunch on all 4 days
Scissor lift access on Friday
Ice cold bottled water every day
Unique warbird photography experience on an arrival day
Improved transportation to, from, and around the show
Review the attached 2013 registration form, and contact me if you have any questions.

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  1. Olav Folland 1 May 2013 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki the link is borked.

    How much does it cost?  They don't have any info on the website.

  2. Brent Burzycki 2 May 2013 Reply

    +Olav Folland it opens to a PDF with all the info..
    Give this a try:!42192&authkey=!AGeEXmhFgeJYTJs

    Thats the PDF in my SkyDrive.. so it should be downloadable.

  3. Olav Folland 2 May 2013 Reply

    Sweet.  A one day is tempting, but the package x2?  Ouch!

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