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  1. Brent Burzycki 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    +J. Rae Chipera Well I am part of it….. we have had the site since about 1998 I think…. Podcasts for about 37 weeks on and off with some stops….

    Time to promo it and see if people really want to ask the questions or hear the answers….

  2. Doc Harvard 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    Honestly, I think you guys are starting your G+ page off on the wrong foot, unless you're trying to piss people off. Coming out with a tired ole blame the video game commentary is just an example of ignorance and not of enlightenment.

    Sure, the events that whoever wrote it are talking about are tragic, very much so, but it wasn't a, or a group of, video games that caused the violence. The issue runs much deeper and to narrow it down to it's the video game's fault is just a clear sign of ignorance and doesn't do well in showing that the police are educated and prepared to operate in today's world.

    It's not the 1990s where a commentary about blaming video games is going to work to shirk the blame of responsibility. Of course the question is, who is responsible and what is going to be done with that responsibility.

  3. Brent Burzycki 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    It's a great point …it was just a recent post..I threw up… I have a pile of reader questions I will be posting tomorrow… Sadly pages are very limited…. Our site has much more data and background….. Your points are well placed…'s not usually just a rant… me we are better than that…

  4. Doc Harvard 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki I'm willing to give more than one chance to make a good impression.

    If you don't mind the recommendations I'd get more things on your pages about how the police are helping to improve things instead of just negative commentary. I personally know that not all police are the way they are portrayed in the media. In fact, on more than one occasion in different states, I've had police be extremely helpful and informative. In my home state I know that police sponsor many community programs that have resulted in decreases of localized general crime and specifically youth based crimes.

    Also, it go a long way for the police image if those who are opposed to the various extreme actions of individual police or police departments speak out. The general public image of the police isn't the greatest at the best of times but unfortunately you guys are getting a bad reputation as a whole because a few officers are setting bad public examples.

    Be sure to +mention me when you guys get some new posts up on your page. If it turns out that it's not just silly video game rants I'll help spread the word because I know that most officers aren't the way they are portrayed in the media. On the flip side, if it is just silly video game rants I'll be sure to comment on how an excellent opportunity is being wasted.

    Credit where credit is do. 😉

  5. Brent Burzycki 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    +Doc Harvard I have an even bigger issue in that it does not seem a page can comment on its own posts and there is no way to really message us via the page…

    I posted up another post – a question from a listener of the podcast…

    I am not going to delete the other post – even thou its negative it raised good comments and once I figure out why we cannot comment back as the page owner there will be a reply…..

    Thanks for the blunt point on this – honestly it's what I have come to expect here and it's what we want on the page….

    Not everything we will say there is positive, or negative… or what people might want to hear… it is a good sounding board to get issues out and ask questions….

  6. Doc Harvard 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    That's weird about the not being able to comment back on your own page thread. We, +42wd Publishing LLC, do it all the time and even get involved in conversation with people that have us circled – though we try to stick to publishing related conversations.

    As to the page, I think as long as it doesn't becoming a ranting board, from either side, then it's a good effort. I know the way the police form my hometown improved their image was through grass roots types of activities.

    Like I said, I'll keep an eye on the page and if it seems like it's doing good I'll help spread the word as it being a place for an open honest discussion place.

  7. Brent Burzycki 28 Nov 2011 Reply

    +Doc Harvard I figure it out – i think it was on my end… We will call it an extension issue…

    Sadly we fear that it will become a ranting board against cops… but we will see….

  8. Doc Harvard 29 Nov 2011 Reply

    Well I can honestly say that if it's fair and legitimate posts from the officers, not just ranting and ignorant commentary [ sorry, I've run into as many bad cops as I've run into good officers. ] I'll be the first to argue logic and reason on behalf of the officers.

    I may not agree with everything you guys may say but if it's said well I'll absolutely support you guys in your expression. After all, you guys deserve as much opportunity to intelligently express yourselves as the civilians do.

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