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  1. Bob Gibson 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    Love the video

  2. Eugene Evans 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    This video is awesome I used to be in the navy. A mp. I loved watching those planes. Land and take off.

  3. Syed Taha Zayd 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    I I remember correctly isn't this plane also called the lightning something and can also fly vertical?

  4. +Syed Taha Zayd
    F35 Lightning II, yes.
    A multirole VTOL attack aircraft, and its current objective now is to replace the A10, F22, and other specialized aircraft of the sort.

  5. Syed Taha Zayd 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    +Kaia Asa aah well that's nice

  6. Reo Cruz 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    In the preview image, the Lightning II looks like the hornets. Just more angular and darker. And better.

  7. Eleana Campoverde 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    Nice☺. Thanks Brent 😎🌺🍃🌺🍃🌺

  8. Uriska Nel 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    Abolutely loved the video. Great flying!!

  9. hector gezzy 19 Oct 2015 Reply

    Muito bom. Soberanía. Americana. OS rusos forma parte de matar os rebelde na siria. Mig 25

  10. Alejandro Diaz 20 Oct 2015 Reply

    Just beautiful video. And I really enjoyed it.

  11. David Cheng 20 Oct 2015 Reply


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