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This is a multiple exposure of the Grand Tetons with a pre-dawn glow, light painting, and the star filled sky above. A long exposure for the sky and stars, a second exposure with light painting, and a third exposure of the first light bathing the Mountain tops. All taken hours apart. Below you can see the snake river twisting through the scene near Schwabachers Landing. Some distant smoke and fog layers the hillside and mountain bases. You also can see a shooting star during the sky exposure. I was up all night taking multiple exposures till dawn, getting the scene just right…

Nikon D800E, 14-24mm, MC36A Cable Release, Carbon Tripod with BH-55 & PCL1

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  1. Thorpe Griner 20 May 2014 Reply

    Beautiful! I've been to this exact spot for a sunrise shoot.  Wish id thought of something like this.  I was too busy drinking my coffee and trying to stay awake.   😀

  2. Brent Burzycki 20 May 2014 Reply

    Give the props to +Matt Anderson

  3. Thorpe Griner 20 May 2014 Reply

    Great work +Matt Anderson !

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