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07 Jan 2012 admin In G+ Posts Tags:

I had to edit something tonight before I pass out tired as all get out…

I have not been keeping up with my New Years plan of trying to shoot or edit something each day.. the full time job is killing that plan lately.. but thankful I have a job and will happily put up with having to work vs. not working…

Critique away.. I will happily critique a shot of your for #BTLcritique just drop a few comments on mine and I will check out your stuff and return the favor….

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  1. michel prins 7 Jan 2012 Reply

    i like it, shot on your pad?

  2. Steve Boyko 7 Jan 2012 Reply

    Hi Brent, I like the shot but I find the light on her chest to be too bright… too much contrast to the dark areas of the photo. If you could tone the brightness down, this would be a great picture.

  3. Brent Burzycki 7 Jan 2012 Reply

    +michel prins ha no… I have an export tool in Lightroom that exports to a full or aspect ratio format for ipad… it just tags the image with that…

    I like to do that so I can drop them right into my iPad for my portfolio folder I have there….

    I was wondering when someone would comment on that thou…it is a great lightroom export plugin thou from +Matt Kloskowski

  4. Bruce Feingold 7 Jan 2012 Reply

    I have to agree with +Steve Boyko The bright center cuts the picture in half. If you cropped it there it would probably work as an alternative.

  5. Steven Marra 7 Jan 2012 Reply

    Even though the chest is bright, I like it =)

    I don't mind the contrast between that, the suit, and the shadowed background.

    I totally see what others see in the chest, but what throws me is the dark of her nose and under her lower lip. I think if her face were brightened (the nose especially), the bright chest wouldn't seem so out of place.

    She's awesome, btw, and rocks those glasses hard. Great stare.

  6. Brent Burzycki 7 Jan 2012 Reply

    I tend to post more interesting edits to get opinions on where to take other work…

    I do tend to like strange contrasty lighting – if that is good or bad is a much larger discussion.. here it is looking for toward the dislike side than the like side on this image…..

    Thanks for all the input so far….

  7. Bernie Galewski 7 Jan 2012 Reply

    I would agree with +Steven Marra, I like it bright like that. It might be because I usually prefer "different" photos from "correct" ones. To be honest, I would even try to slightly increase blue saturation on it, to make it look a bit "out of space". And glasses win 🙂

  8. Sergio Stanic 23 Jan 2012 Reply

    In my opinion, this not look like a pose…but as she enters the scene. Light is perfect, highlight is on glasses and number…just perfect…

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