Blue Angels – Love them or Hate them?

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So I saw this as a post on my Facebook today and then I read the comments and was sort of amazed at what I read.. as you might know the Bay Area is a pretty Anti War machine area…

Share it out to your friends also.. I am very interested to see what people might think.. I will post my thoughts in the comments below also.. And please feel free to state your true feelings…

For those that have seen the Blue Angels Fly – What is your opinion?

What do they represent to you?

Here is the google document I saw also:

A quick survey of Bay Area residents' attitudes toward the Blue Angels' annual Fleet Week visit to San Francisco. Results to be announced later this weekend/early next week via Twitter:@daudig. Thanks for your responses! —Dave 

How do you feel about the Blue Angels' annual visit to San Francisco? *
1 Hate it! 10 Love it!

Which words best describe the Blue Angels? (Check all that apply—Shift-click to choose multiple answers) *
 Too loud
 Technologically cool

Where do you live? *

What's your zip code?

Are you a native of San Francisco or the Bay Area? *

What's your sex? *

How old are you? *

How long have you lived in San Francisco or the Bay Area? *

Have you ever served in the military?

How would you describe yourself politically?

Would you ever accept a ride in one of the Blue Angels?

Any additional comments?

If you want photos of them flying just look here on G+

+Jessica Ambats

+Chris Buff

+Dale Jackson

+Doug Kaye

+Brandon Doran

+Chris Hansen

+Forrest Tanaka

+Jen Peng

+Ricardo Lagos

And the Epic Shots from +Jim Goldstein

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  1. ERWINO NITZ 6 Oct 2012 Reply

    … fantastic shot … 

  2. Chris Hansen 6 Oct 2012 Reply

    Actually this is where you will find my photography

  3. Brent Burzycki 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    I find it sort of interesting the limited response to this…. oh well – here is the response I decided to give in the thread on that other social network…

    Love them and all of our military – the blues unite our society at a time we all need to be.. brings out families and people that normally would never intermingle and shows that the military should and needs to be supported. They show what level of precision can be attained by humans when given tasks only few in the entire world can perform and makes many rethink how and why they do what they do daily, and why they have the privilege to live in the US. Those that think its a problem or it's too loud or there is too much traffic need to rethink what is actually important in society today and why they are allowed to think they are a problem is because we have a military that keeps us safe daily. People complain about everything these days, just watch a Facebook feed – it is 90% complaints and 10% junk…. Being inconvenienced for a few days is just tough – lock yourself in your house and complain on Facebook about it.. but do not ruin something that literally brings millions of Americans together across the nation.

  4. Shan Michelle 11 May 2014 Reply

    Brent Burzycki — that was an awesome response you posted. Glad to see others appreciating these men — as well as the dedication and sacrifices of All Our Military Servicemen and Women. 

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