Anyone been playing with the new Field Trip app for Android?

07 Oct 2012 admin In G+ Posts

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  1. Stuart Dyckhoff 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    Not come across this before Brent – will have to go check it out. Thanks.

  2. Brent Burzycki 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    +Stuart Dyckhoff it seems interesting.. that said when i fire it up in my neighborhood.. we here are most boring and it has no entires….time to drive somewhere more interesting….

  3. Ivan Yudhi 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    sounds pretty cool.. downloading 🙂

  4. Another app that's not available in my country 🙁

  5. Brent Burzycki 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    So Strange how some apps are and are not in certain countries

  6. Troy Parrish 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    Looks interesting, I'm going to give it a try.  Thanks for pointing it out.

  7. James R Smith 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    Interesting company name seeing how I grew up in Niantic, CT hmmm

  8. Elizabeth Hahn 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    Interesting idea, but nothing shows up here either.  I can't even find any cards when I scroll around the map.  🙁

  9. James R Smith 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    There is some stuff nearby but it's a lot of historical landmarks and things I cannot find, or are slightly different than what's noted when I go there.  I think I will take a peek  when I go to downtown Cinci next Saturday and see what happens

  10. Brent Burzycki 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    I am curious if they will be taking submissions from users…

    +elizabeth hahn that is because we both live in non historic boring places…. I assume….sources are listed in the app – most of them I have never even heard of….

    I turned it on full bore and will see how it goes.. that said many are saying that it sucks up battery.. and that will not be ok with me..

  11. Elizabeth Hahn 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    I guess it depends on their definition of interesting.  There's a lot of historical goodies around here – I scanned up and down the whole Mother Lode and found nothing.  I actually wound up uninstalling this morning after reading the details on the permissions too.  If they change what it has access too and add the ability to submit points of interest, then I'd add it back.  

  12. Brent Burzycki 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    Permissions are a joke on Android…. They are all way to broad…. I gave up caring about them….

  13. Elizabeth Hahn 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    yes, but "Allows the app to use the account authenticator capabilities of the AccountManager, including creating accounts and getting and setting their passwords." this one was a bit troublesome – and when I tried logging on to phone and PC this morning, I couldn't.  I reset the password, and within a couple minutes it had been changed again.  After uninstalling app it was fine.  I don't know for sure that this app caused it, but when I uninstalled it, all was fine again.  (I change PW a 4th time just to be sure.)

  14. Brent Burzycki 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    That seems strange… This was on Android?

  15. Elizabeth Hahn 7 Oct 2012 Reply

    Yeah.  🙁

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