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  1. Petra Vendelova 4 Sep 2011 Reply


  2. Travis Modisette 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    Works quite well

  3. Ayoub Khote 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    It works, and it adds mystique. It's not immediately apparent that you're looking at fireworks.

  4. Roger Pehrsson 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    In my opinion it works nice. Nice shot!

  5. Laura Mitchum 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    Actually, totally love it! Unexpected, but it works.

  6. Patrick Metzdorf 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    I think there is also some room for light coloring, a sort of understated hint of one or two colors here and there.

  7. Andrew Warran 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    It works well, gives it a sort of abstract look.

  8. Jim Moon 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    Brent, it makes my brain wonder what the original colors are. Works to make me think, not sure I buy it to hang on my wall.

  9. Mark Bienvenu 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    Doesn't work for me. Maybe if you had some more light on the tree line, but I still don't think it would be as good as color. One thing in favor of BW is that all the smoke doesn't detract from the shot as much as it would in a color version.

  10. Jo Garrett 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    I think bw can work for fireworks – but since tonal variations are so important in bw it depends very much on the specific firework shot. Here I am not totally sold on this one. What works is the fact that you have one dominant bloom in the foreground.

  11. Melanie Kintz 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    I'd crop it tighter and love it as an abstract shot. As a fireworks shot it does not work for me.

  12. Thomas Pöhler 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    I love B&W, but there are rare subjects that do not work (for my eyes). Fireworks is one of them…

  13. Olav Folland 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    I'll agree with +Melanie Kintz – but I'd probably do a square crop on this one. Definitely like it as an abstract…as a firework, not so much.

  14. Melanie Kintz 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    square crop sounds good.

  15. Brent Burzycki 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Thomas Pöhler +Melanie Kintz +Jo Garrett +Mark Bienvenu +Jim Moon +Andrew Warran +Patrick Metzdorf +Laura Mitchum +Roger Pehrsson +Ayoub Khote +Travis Modisette +Jessamy Goddard +Petra Vendelova

    Thanks for the comments… both positive and negative…… +Ed Buziak I have to disagree with needing multiple bursts on a single frame to work… thou we all have opinions I have seen some great fireworks shot that do not have more than one burst…

    Here are some other versions from this same shot…

    For those that were interested…

  16. Aaron Yeoman 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    Brent could I ask how you join critique circle? I know there was a post going around to join a group. I think I would prefer the colour version as I feel too much is lost in detail in b&w

  17. Brent Burzycki 4 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Aaron Yeoman I just added you to mine… Basically you need to do this:

    Join and add people till your fingers drop off….

    Here is the post about it:

  18. Rob Salzman 14 Sep 2011 Reply

    sorry – i'm not feeling the love for this black and white fireworks. It seems to me that it ended up being just two colors – blank and white, and frightfully little grey inbetween.

  19. Brent Burzycki 14 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Rob Salzman Thanks… there is def a split on the love for the shot…

  20. Brent Burzycki 24 Sep 2011 Reply

    +Hope OHara I appreciate the honesty… thanks…

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