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kPrefix”>+Alfie Goodrich makes some great points here….. learn the rules but never be afraid to break them…..

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+"Don't do HDR", "don't use a 50mm lens to shoot ladies", don't do this, don't do that….

To all the new people following me on G+ and all the people out there who care about photography who I know, you'll never find me telling you NOT to do things with your camera [apart from 'never beat your children over the head with it'].

Here, however, is a small list of things you should ALWAYS try and do….

Always try and make the next picture better than the previous one.

Always try to have fun with your camera.

Always spend some time every week looking at other photographer's work.

Always try new things.

Always try some old things too.

As regards post-processing, in the dark or with the lights on, always know when to stop. Processing is like coooking: you dont need to throw all the flavours in to every dish and you still need to taste the original ingredients through the things you have added.

It pays to look down.

It pays to look up.

Viewpoint is everything.

If you've been walking along taking some great shots: stop. Now look behind you as there might be something AS or MORE interesting happening.

Always try to own a 50mm [in old money, that's 35mm on a cropped sensor] cos it will always be good excercise for your eye.

Always question what other people say you shouldn't do.

Always remember that as long as you and the people you take pictures for are happy with the shots, nothing else really matters.

Always, always tried to look into pictures and not just at them.

And….for people new to this photography thing always learn the rules at some point , then learn how to break them. No decent house is built on crappy foundations.

I'm off to bed soon. Long day of shooting tomorrow and an emotional day too, probably. So, I need to check all my gear and get some rest. :-)

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