A note to all photographers that are starting out or really every single one of us that tries to get a shot of fast moving planes… You will have a lot of near misses, do not get frustrated. Just remember… Photography is about skills, a bit about equipment, more about timing and a bit of luck

26 Nov 2015 admin In G+ Posts

Get frustrated later when you get home and find out you missed the one shot you really wanted to get that day…… its only natural..


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  1. robert zhuli 26 Nov 2015 Reply


  2. David White 26 Nov 2015 Reply

    Wow great advice about taking pictures which I enjoy doing. Thank you.

  3. Brent Burzycki 26 Nov 2015 Reply

    In my case it's more about luck…..

  4. Domani Weems 26 Nov 2015 Reply

    Good veiw in the air or the ground

  5. Michael Richards 26 Nov 2015 Reply

    And the crop is seriously important

  6. David Ballard 26 Nov 2015 Reply

    Yes, I have a great many shots of tails, but just a few of the whole plane.

  7. Victoria Sheppard 26 Nov 2015 Reply

    Great pic hoever took it

  8. David Cheng 26 Nov 2015 Reply


  9. Shawna Stickle 26 Nov 2015 Reply

    Looks good

  10. Virginia Madrigal 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Shop in kenewic hours

  11. Dave Kelly 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    i wish i had that same exact jet

  12. Victoria Sheppard 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    You say that and when you get it you play with it for an hour and then throw it out

  13. Philip Lacroix 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    Try and try again. That's the deal.

  14. Shawna Stickle 27 Nov 2015 Reply


  15. Dan Cage 27 Nov 2015 Reply

    The one thing I have found to help is lead the plane just a little bit with the camera, Because when you pause for that split second to snap the shutter, The plane should be in the viewfinder.

  16. That cool

  17. Dan Petre 29 Nov 2015 Reply

    Cannot have success without the failures before it. Respect

  18. Dan Cage 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    You got that right.

  19. Shawna Stickle 30 Nov 2015 Reply

    +Dan Cage on what

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