Car Detailing – My journey for the past week.
Car Detailing – The pain we all know, well some of us know, well some of us torture ourselves with for the good of the clean vehicle. I recently got a new vehicle and have swore to myself that this time would be different so a week ago I went on a journey to become a better vehicle detailer with the use of youtube and reviews and hours of cramming info into my brain. First if you ever thought there was a topic more controversial then you have not met car detailers yet. Also with the slew of products available there are just as many opinions. In the end to narrow down 3 million videos from everyone from manufacturers to newbies I have found the following to be true. Clean cars are cool and seem to go faster. Aside from that I have found that there are 200 ways to wash a car, but really the best way it seems is the two bucket method or if your into pure insanity go to Ammo NYC and check out his video that covers all the steps but in the end (Overkill for me but a ton of great tips. That […]
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