Car Detailing – My journey for the past week.

14 Apr 2019 admin In Projects

Car Detailing – The pain we all know, well some of us know, well some of us torture ourselves with for the good of the clean vehicle. I recently got a new vehicle and have swore to myself that this time would be different so a week ago I went on a journey to become a better vehicle detailer with the use of youtube and reviews and hours of cramming info into my brain. First if you ever thought there was a topic more controversial then you have not met car detailers yet.

Also with the slew of products available there are just as many opinions. In the end to narrow down 3 million videos from everyone from manufacturers to newbies I have found the following to be true. Clean cars are cool and seem to go faster. Aside from that I have found that there are 200 ways to wash a car, but really the best way it seems is the two bucket method or if your into pure insanity go to Ammo NYC and check out his video that covers all the steps but in the end (Overkill for me but a ton of great tips.

That said then there are 3000 ways to wax, seal, protect, ceramic coat and in general build upper body strength. I wanted something in between a full ripped physique, using machines, and a protective coat that will impress those that care. It’s like have a super green lawn, some care, some drive by and do not even look. After buying way to many products and testing several different hings I have come down to this for my current go to for at least the next 10 minutes till the next best thing for me comes along. Note this all matters how new or hammered your vehicle is. Hammered equals more steps, I am only talking in this case about a new vehicle that you want to protect for the first time. Is this the best solution, nope, is it the best solution for me right now based on my available time and dedication? Yes.

Step 1 – Wash the vehicle with some kind of car wash that does not have wax in it. I have used many, Here are two I have been using – Meguiar’s Gold and Adams Strip Wash if your OCD and really want to start fresh with zero stuff on the vehicle (PS: this is usually best) Link: Clearly use clean buckets, dirt traps in the buckets are nice. You would be amazed how many ruin their paint by cleaning with crapped up wash mitts and dirty water. Follow the steps on the bottles for the best wash. Foam cannons are fine but my neighbors think I am insane if I use one.

Step 2 – This step I did not even know existed till I crammed for the detailing test – IRON REMOVER – This stuff will dissolve all the fallout on your car and if you did not think you had it you will be surprised what can come off your car. Very important to read how this works and not let it dry on the car. Shade is a must. Link: – Adams Iron remover is the one I used and while it sure smells interesting it also seems to really work well.

Step 3 – Time to build upper body strength. No paint is crap free, and the best way to decrapify paint is a clay bar, clay mitt, etc. This is true even before buffing a vehicle you should clay it. Get some good clay, or clay mitt and some lube and go at it, I highly recommend watching the multitude of videos on how to clay a car. I will use Ammo NYC as an example here as he is so detailed it will give you all the items you need to not do something dumb. – This step makes such a big difference. If you doubt me try it and do the plastic bag test:

Step 4 – I bypassed this step but for many you will need to buff the vehicle and I will admit this takes some special equipment and skills and practice. If you vehicle is bad enough to need it, I would say find someone with more skills than yourself and the equipment to help you with this step. Or watch all the videos and give it a try, it is not as bad as people make it seem with the right gear.

Step 5 – Pick a method to seal your paint. wax, ceramic coating, etc. I will not debate them as they all have the lovers and haters, but I will say I ended up landing on the new Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Spray Wax. – Pan in the video really covers all the steps you need, but one thing I can say if pressure washer is really key to this so make sure to use one. Make sure to follow the instructions in the video. Link:

Step 6 – So after all of this I went ahead and did one more step. I applied the P&S Bead Maker Paint Protectant. This stuff is insane, I have never felt a surface so slippery after this product cures. Link: – That said this is yet another step but will truly enhance the gloss of the vehicle and make your life easier. Here is a video on the product: – PS: After using these types of products you need to clean your microfiber towels with a good cleaner. Seeing these products are meant to repel everything most normal detergents are just too weak to break the product out of the towels. – Is the one I have used, and make sure to double rinse all towels.

After these steps it should turn into just good maintenance washes and re-applications of much less of both products as you go from there.
I want to say that the only true way to start fresh, is to machine polish your paint in the middle step. I leave that decision up to you guys if you need it, in my case I did not need that step as the paint is basically scratch or defect free currently.
Good luck and comment below if you have other tips and tricks for others.

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