Wow Cryptolocker Virus is morphing into even more evil nastiness

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  1. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    This is fricking scary….

  2. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Wow. I have been keeping a wary eye pealed….oh- and backing up. :/ What do you think of the CryptoPrevent?

  3. Brent Burzycki 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    It seems to be a way to prevent it.. But you cannot protect users from themselves…..

    This is absolutely brilliant….. But also pure evil….

  4. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Agreed- it's pure evil. And brilliant. I looked at the CryptoPrevent- but it's written for techno people…IMO.

  5. Todd Green 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Hit one malicious web site and you are done. Your system is no longer your own. We all need to be more skeptical about every web site we open these days. I don't work with them or get anything from them, but I do love the work of the guys over at; social engineering awareness training if you are interested.

  6. Jon Decker 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    The image is such blatant social engineering. What are the cliff notes 🙂 on this one?

  7. Leon Chevalier 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    That's scary, very scary. I was reading about it the other day on Ars. Does anybody know if it affects Macs?

  8. John Livingston 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    <3 krebs on security

  9. Brent Burzycki 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    +Leon Chevalier I do not believe it affects macs… well at least yet…

    These are also great links to get more info:

    As the net is not concentrating on trying to kill the threat they (the developers of cryptolocker) have upped the game and the costs:

    The developers behind the file encrypting ransomware called CryptoLocker launched yesterday a dedicated decryption service that allows you to purchase the decryption key for encrypted files. The price for the decryption key, though, has been significantly increased from 2 bitcoins to 10 bitcoins. With the current price of bitcoins at around $212 USD the ransom has increased from around $400 USD to over $2,100 USD.

    Better keep backups that are not attached and live…

  10. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Holy Crap! Internet terrorism, it would appear.

  11. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    so this cryptoprevent is a good idea to install then?

  12. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    +Sandra Parlow -I'm thinking for $15 it's well worth a gamble. No way could I come up with $2,000. None.

  13. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    I know.. and I just can't keep up with all the damn back ups either a:/

  14. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Well with the premium version of Crypto Prevent- it keeps it'self up to date- I like that. This has pushes me to finally update my Passport Drive backup which I'd been meaning to do. +Sandra Parlow – have you looked into CrashPlan? I have BackBlaze, but it only keeps files for 30 days- a problem if you keep your back-up off-line.

  15. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    +Pamela Reynoso online storage seems like a good idea.. but dang.. it takes FOREVER to back up that way..

    I installed crash plan and it confused me. I am using another back up program to external drives, but they are always plugged in.. what a pain all of this is..

  16. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    It took me a month or so to be totally backed up. Only the initial back-up takes forever. It saved my entire photo library a few years ago when my drive failed.- I'll never be w/o it again. Many services allow you to 'seed' your back-up by sending them a drive with your data- catches you up faster +Sandra Parlow .
    The backing up happens behind the scenes- don't let how long it takes bother you- I mean you are using your machine anyways… let it do the heavy lifting. 🙂

  17. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    +Pamela Reynoso it's hard because with all the usage we have here (2 gamers, myself, etc) it really slows things down… but I suppose it's a good idea to just bit the bullet and get it done, like you say…

  18. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Yes- I understand- we have gamers here- see if you can 'seed' your backup… like with your photo files- they take the longest to back up, IMO. And it will move faster when people are sleeping or at school. 🙂

  19. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    I'm not sure what you mean by "seed" 🙁

    you see? <——– dummy

  20. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    +Sandra Parlow – look in the FAQ's of the back-up cloud service of your choice. See if they allow 'seeding'.
    The terms comes from 'cloud seeding', I think. You can hook up your back-up service and watch it take for ever to back up, OR some services allow you to 'seed' (jump start your backup) by sending them a drive with files you want backed up. Making a local copy and sending it to them is a faster method to get it all backed up sooner.

  21. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    so where is a reasonably priced cloud back up

    For example.. I checked my droop box. I have 9 gb's there.. big deal.. my 2012 print folder alone is 300 gb's.. and to get that much space is like $700 a year!

    unless I'm reading something wrong…

  22. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Currently I have BackBlaze, unlimited back-up space for $10/computer per month. I think Crash Plan is about the same, +Sandra Parlow .

  23. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    really? wow.. hmmm – ok.

  24. Kevin S 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    +Pamela Reynoso Well if your backup space is online and active on your system 24/7 the Crypto has the ability to encrypt those files also.. it's just a drive in windows.

  25. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    That's what I was thinking +Kevin S . ~groan~

  26. Sandra Parlow 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    there goes another viable option. looks like yet ANOTHER external hard drive is in my future….

  27. Pamela Reynoso 6 Nov 2013 Reply

    Isn't it possible to have things on Google Drive w/o using a constantly updating utility? I keep meaning to check into Drive more… I have the utility, but I can delete it….in order to make manual updates.
    I need my son to hurry up and gain more CS knowledge/education so he can do all this for me. :/

  28. Brent Burzycki 7 Nov 2013 Reply

    I have a Network attached storage – what I did was backup to it – it backs up to backblaze and then I just turned off the network attached storage…

    So if its not on it cannot get infected..

    The issue is related to Live attached services – as I see it there is no reason why if a service like drive or skydrive or dropbox is live it will just sync the encrypted files..

    I am sure there are specific issues – I just have not had time to research..

    I would assume even a backup service that is backing up continuously would potentially just backup the encrypted files..

    Now if that service has versioning and maintains multiple copies that might save you…

  29. Pamela Reynoso 7 Nov 2013 Reply

    So…. +Brent Burzycki Your networked storage backs up aside from a direct connection through your computer? This is non-techy me trying to get it. 🙂
    It would seem that BackBlaze does have versioning, doesn't it? One can go back 3 days or 1 week or 3 weeks. My problem is my backup external won't back up unless connected through my vulnerable computer.

  30. Brent Burzycki 7 Nov 2013 Reply

    +Pamela Reynoso well no.. but….

    So my computer I use daily could be infected if I am not careful .. it is attached to the Network attached storage (in this case a drobo) that is a live drive.. and would be compromised if infected..

    So I backed up the two internal local drives to my drobo – backbalze then backed up the Drobo and then i just shut off the drobo.. so its in two places..

    Right now if I got infected, which I sure am trying not too.. I would at least have two copies of my data..

    I think +Backblaze needs to address this unless they already have.. as some backup services are saying they are safe from crypto locker.. I would like to know why and how…

    This brings up the same old issue of using any syncing service like skydrive – I use it daily – but if I had an infected file or set of files I think it would happily just sync the files… and then expose all my other machines to the infected synced files…

  31. Pamela Reynoso 7 Nov 2013 Reply

    Gotcha! (I'm pretty sure, at least. 🙂 ) And I agree about BackBlaze.

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