Who needs to see out anyway

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Who needs to see out anyway…..


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  1. Şeyma ÖZER 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    İşte bu şahane, !!

  2. Julian Angelov 16 Aug 2015 Reply


  3. Timothy Cline 16 Aug 2015 Reply


  4. Şeyma ÖZER 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    Bence de, her yere her yöne gitmek, belki kaçıp gitmek dünyadan, !!…. ;))

  5. Budhram Toppo 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    Cockpit of which aircraft?

  6. Lorne Thomas 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    Not going to hit any one up that high…

  7. Steve Williams 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    Possibly a U2, but I'm no expert.

  8. Hayat Shafaq 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    It's my dream.

  9. seide wolsabo 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    Well I see it everyday ,this is a way of zombies,they live by law more than anyone else protected untill the day we drain out and they will make a deal with you.That what you see is a metrics science the world's only one science,not even Jesus is going to come back to save the world ,after all to happen to us…

  10. Brent Burzycki 16 Aug 2015 Reply

    This plane is very high…. I also assume it's a U2

  11. Lorne Thomas 17 Aug 2015 Reply

    I would go with the U2 for the edge of space and the orange space suit that the pilot has on… Check his legs.

  12. Asiff Uare 17 Aug 2015 Reply

    I cant see the altimeter. How many ft is this guy up?

  13. Lorne Thomas 17 Aug 2015 Reply

    I see the curvature of the earth out the window, so given that at 40k the earth still looks flat my guesses that the plane is well above 40k by a large amount.

    As I said before, I also see an orange suit that is reminiscent of the pressure suits that the U2 pilots are famous for wearing,

    The canopy looks correct with the tomb stone front window and the yolk is correct for the U2 as well…

  14. Asiff Uare 17 Aug 2015 Reply

    So no one can see the altimeter?

  15. thomas dobias 17 Aug 2015 Reply

    Nice photo of the Inside a Fighter Jet

  16. Well cool thank you for sharing with us

  17. Asma Khan 17 Aug 2015 Reply

    I want to sit.

  18. Niro Sha 18 Aug 2015 Reply

    This is first for me to look closly this .

  19. Palem Denis 27 Aug 2015 Reply

    This a U2 no??

  20. Lorne Thomas 27 Aug 2015 Reply

    It is a U2

  21. Palem Denis 27 Aug 2015 Reply

    Eagles eyes lol

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