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  1. Pluto…we will never forget…

  2. Hemant Bandodkar 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    Amazing how many grown up educated adults in America are debating science !!

  3. Bob Marshall 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    Maybe it's natural selection, if a country gets too big or too powerful, then it's citizens slowly become moronic and start buying guns and slowly self destruct – over several centuries of course – but if I lived there I would get out now before it reaches a tipping point.

  4. Dave Courvoisier 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    Sheesh!  "Science" has made plenty of mistakes.  Anybody remember Y2K, Cold Fusion, PiltDown Man, even 3 Mile Island?  Many mistake lead to new discoveries: http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=12192&page=12.
    "All Scientific Research is susceptible to error" http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=12192&page=12

  5. Anthony Metcalf 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    +Dave Courvoisier  I think you'll find that "scientists" have made plenty of mistakes. But I don't think you'll find that "Science" has….

  6. Brent Burzycki 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    +Dave Courvoisier And religion has made many also…

  7. Nathan Hourt 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    The bad thing about science is that it doesn't deal in truth; only in models which accurately describe reality. Science is incapable of dealing in truth, by its nature. It tries to describe truth, but it doesn't define truth or help us discover truth. This in no way refutes it's utility, but we'd best remember the limitations of the tools we use.

    Source: the scientific method.

  8. Frank Monaldo 15 Jun 2013 Reply

    See: Non-overlapping magisteria (NOMA).  Reconciliation of religious and scientific sensibilities need not be zero-sum game.

  9. Stuart Ponder 17 Jun 2013 Reply

    I'll stick with science every time.

  10. Lennart Östman 7 Jul 2013 Reply

    Eh… the good thing about truth is that it's true wether you believe in it or not… that goes for God too.

  11. Lennart Östman 8 Jul 2013 Reply

    Science and religion try to describe the same truth from two different angles. There is an absolute truth, but that truth is so incredible complex that it can never be fully described.

    That there is one big, complex truth that covers all does not mean that everything that is said about it is true though. If I, as a christian, write science off, I'm a fool. If a science believer (yes it's a belief) writes Jesus off he's an equally big a fool.

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