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  1. Jurgen Coucke 24 Jul 2016 Reply

    I like Cessnas!

  2. David Cheng 24 Jul 2016 Reply


  3. Dilip Sawant 24 Jul 2016 Reply

    Nice little bird. 👌

  4. James Jim Potter 24 Jul 2016 Reply

    I flew on a few of these with pontoons. I used to work offshore for a major oil company,they flew those planes back & forth with the supervisors. The landed in canals near the Mississippi River. Sometime us working men on crew chrange day ,could catch a ride to the Venice,La.parking lot,which was next to the Heliport. Saved a 1 hour boat ride !!!

  5. Taleen Ziedan 25 Jul 2016 Reply


  6. James Jim Potter 26 Jul 2016 Reply

    +Taleen Ziedan Awright !

  7. Bill Wetmore 5 Sep 2016 Reply

    Before my heart attack, I would fly a 172 along the shore of Lake Michigan past the Chicago skyline. Navy pier and the Sears Tower at night was awesome. Thanks to MIdway airport flight following for keeping me safe. Crowded airspace. Miss it.

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