What a mess today was for Military Aviation Teams

03 Jun 2016 admin In G+ Posts

CNN Breaking News
2:57 PM (5 hours ago)

Fighter jets from the Navy Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds crashed in separate incidents.

The Blue Angels FA-18 Hornet went down in Tennessee, a Navy official said. A Rutherford County official said one person died as a result of a plane crash there.

The Thunderbirds F-16 crashed in Colorado after a U.S. Air Force Academy commencement ceremony attended by President Barack Obama. A spokesman for the academy said the plane went down far from the ceremony and the pilot safely ejected. Obama later met with the pilot.

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  1. Stuart Ponder 3 Jun 2016 Reply

    Very sad.

  2. Nandlal Shah 3 Jun 2016 Reply

    What a loss

  3. Zech Zokomo 5 Jun 2016 Reply

    It's said the navy blue angelspilot did not eject cause the plane was heading towards a residential area.

  4. Oh my god my son just joined airforce

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