Well – this week has almost ended without me taking another new photo, this must…

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Well – this week has almost ended without me taking another new photo, this must change soon, but for the meantime, here is another creation of my past – revisited for 2013 – Enjoy

The reason I shoot glamour work started with working with local models that you might not take another look at in the normal day, transforming them into something even they do not recognize is the best part of the hobby for me.

No better compliment than hearing – "Is that me?"

Nothing wrong with an ego boost here and there… and there is nothing better than a compliment on your own work when you know you have worked hard to produce a good product.

Are you on +500px drop over and vote and I can follow your work there also… Interesting in Glamour or Model Photography? Drop a comment below and I will add you to my Glamour Photographer Circle….I share it our from time to time to build that community here.

And thanks to +Trey Ratcliff for his latest set of Lightroom Presets that have been a  blast to mess around with..

They are available here: 

http://store.stuckincustoms.com/tools/lightroom-presets?acc=c0c7c76d30bd3dcaefc96f40275bdc0a – and are very resonable if you are getting started and need a good preset starting place…

Also to +Frederick Van Johnson and +This Week in Photo (TWiP) and our new community: 


For keeping the notion of photographing models alive – even thou its not at the forefront of what most photographers do these days..


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  1. Gavin Beckford 19 May 2013 Reply

    Thanks for posting. My next challenge will be improving my portraiture lighting skills, with plans to branch into glamour, boudoir, and tasteful nudes (since the wife has given permission. 😉 ). Please add me to your glamour group. I will also look you up on 500px soon.

  2. Brent Burzycki 19 May 2013 Reply

    +Gavin Beckford done.. I sure know i have room for improvement.. the biggest issue for me is dedication of shooting time.. plain and simple.. hard to get better without doing it…

  3. Rick Nimo 19 May 2013 Reply

    Glamour pays.

  4. Brent Burzycki 20 May 2013 Reply

    +Rick Nimo I wish that was true…

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