Well this is probably going to be tragic news… Biplane crashes at Thunder over Solano Airshow at Travis AFB, CA

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TRAVIS AFB, Calif. — A biplane that was performing at an air show at Travis Air Force Base Sunday afternoon crashed on the tarmac while executing a maneuver, according to eye witnesses.

KTVU reporter John Sasaki was attending the air show and reported the accident shortly after 2 p.m. when the biplane crashed to the tarmac at the air base.

KTVU photographer Chris Paxton later learned the blue biplane was flying close to the ground executing a maneuver known as "cutting the ribbon" when the crash happened.

The crash did not happen near spectators, so there were no injuries reported initially.

A Travis Airforce Base spokesperson confirmed that there had been an accident during the Thunder Over Solano air show being held this weekend and that emergency vehicles were responding to the incident.

There is no word so far on the condition of the pilot. He has reportedly not been accounted for.

Authorities announced that the airshow was cancelled at about 2:20 p.m. Attendees were being asked to exit the facility and roads into the base were being closed.

KTVU will provide additional updates as information becomes available

I beleive the only biplane that was doing the ribbon cut was that of Eddie Andreini – Though I could be wrong..

Super Stearman — Eddie Andreini’s Super Stearman is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, completely restored 1944 Stearman biplane. Irs powered by a 450 hp Pratt & Whitney radial engine, equipped with dual carburetors and is supercharged. The propeller is 10 feet across. The plane has an inverted fuel and oil system, allowing it to perform unnatural maneuvers. It has dual smoke systems. One is smoke generators mounted on the winglips, the other is corvus oil injected into the engine exhaust system. The piane features a unique two-place canopy designed and built by Eddie himselL The modifications to this plane are too numerous to mention.

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  1. Brent Burzycki 4 May 2014 Reply

    I will assume this was based on the massive winds at the show.. I was actually somewhat amazed they even flew today….

  2. Pamela Reynoso 5 May 2014 Reply

    We had parked were just about to enter the gates when we saw the smoke. 🙁

  3. Brent Burzycki 5 May 2014 Reply

    Sucks 🙁 but he brought so many so many hours of amazing air show skills… And memories for the kids that watched… That's why they do what they do and would have it no other way..

  4. Shelly Gunderson 5 May 2014 Reply

    How very sad.

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