Well the ultimate compliment to get as a photographer is to have someone buy your…

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Well the ultimate compliment to get as a photographer is to have someone buy your work (no matter the price paid) – but it goes a step further when they decorate their sons room with them… and then send photos

I have found a new market for Aviation prints…. 2-10 y/o's that like Jets…!

Well their parents…

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  1. Doug Fresh 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    Very nice return…

  2. Olav Folland 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    Sweet! Now that is a good feeling 🙂

  3. Cheryl Cooper 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    That is so sweet of them! congratulations!

  4. Russ Dam 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    very cool

  5. Todd Green 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    The boy will grow up to be both a pilot and a photographer, no doubt.

  6. Brent Burzycki 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    Well as his Dad told me today.. he likes Jets but when I took him to the air show he freaked out…

    Maybe this year that will change..

    This is two fold for me… yes I sold a few prints.. but being able to expose our military in a positive light to young kids is a great plus for me as a kid of an Air Force dad that lived in the USAF for over 20+ years of duty.

    But on a business side it is honestly not a avenue I ever thought of even looking at… gladly they looked at it for me…

  7. Olav de With 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    Youngsters all way's want to  become Fireman Pilot or policeman isn't?

  8. Sandra Parlow 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    that's awesome!  congrats!!

  9. Shelly Gunderson 2 Jan 2013 Reply

    That's cool!  Congrats!  Nice photos!

  10. Brent Burzycki 3 Jan 2013 Reply

    Thx everyone for the comments and pluses…. They are appreciated…

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