Well I will open this up to everyone here:

22 Jun 2012 admin In G+ Posts
If you are in the Bay Area and want to got to the NASCAR races in Sonoma this weekend – I have 4 tickets i am giving away…..

They are for SAT – so you pretty much need to get them today..


Let me know ASAP if you want them…..

Toyota/Save Mart 350 | Tickets | Sonoma
–> Road-course racing has become the latest rage on the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series circuit, featuring more beatin’ and bangin’ than any short track. And nowhere is that more evident than …

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  1. Elizabeth Hahn 22 Jun 2012 Reply

    🙁  I would love to, but I'm visiting my parent's tomorrow.  

  2. Brent Burzycki 22 Jun 2012 Reply

    Take them……

  3. Elizabeth Hahn 22 Jun 2012 Reply

    I would, but I'd also have to find tickets for 2 aunts, and 2 of my aunt's friends as well.  And I don't think any of them would enjoy it.  One of my friend's brother used to race super modified, it was a lot more fun to watch than I expected.  

    I still have the extra ticked to Monday's Dodger/Giant game too 🙂  Everyone I know is already going!

  4. oh and its a street track! damn, i would so go to this if i werent busy!

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