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Bad, good, love it or hate it… let me know – Rather than just + 1 it – since there is not -1 button.. please take a second to type a comment and let me know… Many of us are making a trek back through our portfolios and are going to be relying on good feedback from G+ to motivate the direction of our work….

Don't worry – I have decided I need to take photos of cats outside near a nice landscape using HDR techniques to be famous.. I just want to get better at what I am trying to do now then i can bring on the cat photos…

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  1. D Vance 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    Well I love it…she is hottt!

  2. Her left arm looks odd coming from out from her hip, I think her pulling her hair back would have could have fixed that. Her left arm is cut of at the elbow. Otherwise a very nice shot.

  3. Bruce Feingold 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    Overall, I like it.  But there are a few nit-picky things that bother me.  First, that her left hand is ever so slightly cut off at the edge of the frame.  Second, I'd like to see a smoother fall-off of light going down.  Specifically, her bra is a bit to hot and pulls the eye down.  Third, I wonder about the tilt of the frame and what it would look like if the background were straight.  Fourth, the makeup on the inside corner of her right eye looks unfinished compared to the left eye.  Finally, it should have been shot in HDR with her holding a kitten ;-D

  4. Black Murphy 29 Jul 2012 Reply


  5. Mark Vandenwauver 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    Great first impression, we all know how important that is. Love the s shape in the body. General finishing is superb. Don't love the arm against side of her body which makes her tiny waist look bigger than it is. Also don't like the cutting off of the arm. Finally the 2 black spots are truly distracting as well. Hope this helps.

  6. Bill Hardman 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    A few things that I notice are. 1. Clone out the black spots in lower left and next to her leg. 2. hair over her right breast seems messy. 3. face look too hot compared to rest of skin. And I also agree with +Jan Winther Sorensen about the left hand & hip. But I do like the photo overall.

  7. Dean Sonneborn 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    The black doesn't fit in just right.

  8. Humberto Gauna 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    Looks flat. I have the same problem. Color contrast and lighting should fix that. Btw. Would prefer pics of her instead of cats

  9. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Dean Sonneborn the two black spots?

  10. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Humberto Gauna flat – really? how is it flat in your idea of flatness? Lighting? – I assume some of that might be this editing … but I guess when I look at this I just do not think flat ….but many call specific issues different things..

  11. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Bill Hardman I always forget the hair…..

  12. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +J. Rae Chipera HDR – I am on it…..

  13. Stuart Ponder 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    I like it. The high key/soft focus look has got a '70s 'vibe' to it like a classic Pompeo Posar or Andrew Blake(?) image old Vaseline on the lens filter trick.

  14. Stuart Ponder 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    …image with the old Vaseline on the lens filter trick. My apologies, I'm still learning this iPad keyboard :/

  15. Dean Sonneborn 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    I was thinking the black knickers don't seem right. They should be the same color as the rest of the outfit.

  16. I've recently started into boudior/fashion/figure photography, so to me, every chance I get to see someone else's work is a learning experience.

  17. Humberto Gauna 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki, in the sense of color contrast. Having someone to shoot is a great advantage. Keep it up.

  18. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Humberto Gauna ok thanks… So then it's the editing that makes it flat to your eye… Thats helpful to me to get input like that… Thanks…

  19. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Dean Sonneborn got it… Those were a 10 min debate…. Which we have now both lost at least in one persons preference…. Wardrobe is something I might never be good at….

  20. Dean Sonneborn 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    I've learned a lot from this share and it's not even my photo. Thanks for sharing this experience with us.

  21. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    I like sharing my mistakes….. Like the biggest one I made on this shoot… Not checking camera settings and accidently hitting the constant focus switch from single to constant so most of these shots focus points are all over the place…… That to me is one of the more problematic issues of trying to shoot multiple styles of work… Remembering to reset to neutral all settings after a shoot…

  22. +Brent Burzycki I've gotten into the habit of resetting my cameras to a "base" setting while I'm copying memory cards to my computer. I also start recharging camera batteries and pulling out used speedlight batteries. And I'm make sure to to do it every time. That way, I'm always ready to go next time I grab my bag.

  23. Brent Burzycki 29 Jul 2012 Reply

    +Geren W. Mortensen, Jr. I have been running into the issue of long times between shoots – so long those batteries might be low or out already…. yours is a great time to do the check post flight thou…. I just need to fix my rate of shooting also…

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