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  1. good

  2. Nick Tsiotinos 22 Jun 2015 Reply

    Man – there is sooooo much we have yet to learn.

  3. Brent Burzycki 22 Jun 2015 Reply

    I am going to start using schwarzschild radius in normal conversations…

  4. koosha mortezaei 22 Jun 2015 Reply

    تورج مرتضایے

  5. Nick D 22 Jun 2015 Reply

    That was cool but it finished too quick! My mind is like a blackhole pulling in information 😉

  6. Xolani Sipho 22 Jun 2015 Reply


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  8. Chris Flaherty 22 Jun 2015 Reply

    Subramanayan Chandrasekhar was an astronomer from India. He calculated the size a star would have to be to collapse into a black hole. This came to be known as Chandra's Limit. Our sun does not have sufficient mass to collapse into a black hole.

  9. roy Suha 22 Jun 2015 Reply


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  11. Mike Wilkins 22 Jun 2015 Reply

    Awe inspiring!!!

  12. Fawaz Jithu 23 Jun 2015 Reply

    Who are you

  13. maryam akhavan 24 Jun 2015 Reply

    It's impressed me , with watching these things we can understand that we are so weak to this world & every thing is controled only by God

  14. +Chris Flaherty our sun doesnt have that mass yes, it means that our sun in reality will never become a black hole because it doesnt have enough mass and naturally it wont shrink from size of many many earths to size of town, but if you could crush the sun with infinite gravity, then it would become a black hole at the size of town, or if i would take out a small piece from a black hole the size of a tennis ball, then that smal ball of a black hole would weight as much as the whole earth. the video shows us how heavy and compact black holes are.

  15. Chris Flaherty 28 Jun 2015 Reply

    +Mantas naruševičius We'll just have to wait until infinite gravity from some source crushes our sun, but as it stands now it will never be a black hole.

  16. Rebecca Yakobo 28 Jun 2015 Reply


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  18. Chris Flaherty 14 Jul 2015 Reply

    +iDiegone Find the gene for religion yet?

  19. Yudhie 17 Jul 2015 Reply

    I am currently doing a retoorasitn project on this entire album!This summer I received my Grandfather’s album of all of Sidney’s O’Flaherty photographs, and I would love to share them with everyone.If someone knows where I can get a hold of Sidney R. Morrow or any vets of this ship, please let me know!

  20. Sith Smasher 30 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Chris Flaherty That would be equal to the gene of gullibility.

  21. Chris Flaherty 30 Jul 2015 Reply

    +Sith Smasher Gullibility is found among atheists and Christians alike.

  22. pendalink 7 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Chris Flaherty I didn't see anyone say the sun was going to become a black hole here. It was just for the videos purposes

  23. Chris Flaherty 7 Sep 2015 Reply

    +pendalink Read the comment from +Mantas naruševičius

  24. pendalink 7 Sep 2015 Reply

    he was talking about the hypothetical described in the video, at least it seems so

  25. The Sun 12 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Brent Burzycki AND I THOUGHT I WAS BIG

  26. Michael Saylor 13 Sep 2015 Reply

    Look, Sun, Black Holes the size of Sirius B have NO idea how large stars can be. I mean, like, go visit VY Canis Majoris. That giant can help you to become awesome. There's a thing for you to think about.

  27. Michael Saylor 13 Sep 2015 Reply

    Also, Sun, you are one of my many, many favorite stars.

  28. The Sun 14 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Michael Saylor aww thanks, but Im pretty sure a lot of people think I'm their favourite star since, well….you guys would be dead without me…

  29. puncheex2 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Chris Flaherty He calculated the mass, not the "size".

  30. puncheex2 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    +Mantas naruševičius Nothing voluntarily "shrinks" to such a size; there are two subatomic forces there to resist it, atomic degeneracy and neutron degeneracy. The only way they get to that size is by being forcibly imploded, by a force exceeding both of those degeneracy forces, as in a type 2 supernova. Once they are forced to that size, then their own gravity is sufficient to take over.

  31. Chris Flaherty 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    +puncheex2 Had you paid slightly closer attention you would have noticed I mentioned that our sun does not have sufficient mass to collapse into a black hole.

  32. puncheex2 25 Sep 2015 Reply

    Yes, but size is not mass. I'll yield the point; this isn't a matter worth arguing over.

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