Very cool new tech coming from Jawbone

01 May 2012 admin In G+ Posts

Very cool new tech coming from Jawbone… throw away your UP band and grab one of these boom boxes for the new generation…. I have the small Jambox and I use it everyday… super cool tech wrapped into the thing.. but this one is bigger so it must be better….

The smaller one is great for listening to Audio and Audio Books… I will say they are not cheap – but the quality is very good and the experience is very good…

Sadly I am a tech idiot and have no girlfriend so my money goes to new tech… sadly these things are pointy when you roll over them in bed I have heard girls are not so pointy…


Where can I buy BIG JAMBOX?
BIG JAMBOX is currently only available for pre-order on

Which devices are compatible with BIG JAMBOX?
For Music & Audio Streaming:
BIG JAMBOX is compatible with most Bluetooth®-enabled devices* including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and most Mac or PC computers. Big JAMBOX is also compatible with any device with a headphone jack or audio line out.

For Phone Calls & Video Chats using BIG JAMBOX as a Speakerphone:
BIG JAMBOX is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices**. It features a built-in 360-degree omnidirectional microphone with echo-cancellation for use as a wireless speakerphone.

* A2DP, advanced audio distribution profile, required
AVRCP, audio/video remote control profile, required for built-in media control
** HFP, hands free profile, required

How long does the battery last?
BIG JAMBOX will play continuous music on built-in battery power for up to 15 hours (varies by volume and connection type). You can also use the included wall charger to power and charge up BIG JAMBOX while using it as a speaker or speakerphone.

How big is BIG JAMBOX?
It measures 10.1" (25.6cm) long, 3.2" (8cm) wide and 3.7" (9.3cm) high, and weighs 2.7lbs (1.23kg).

What colors / designs are available?
BIG JAMBOX comes in three colors, each with a uniquely designed grill: Graphite Hex, White Wave and Red Dot.

What accessories are included with BIG JAMBOX?
BIG JAMBOX comes with a 36" (1.5m) stereo cable, a 60" (0.9m) micro USB cable, a wall charger and a quick start guide. A BIG JAMBOX carrying case is sold separately.

What makes BIG JAMBOX a SmartSpeaker?
BIG JAMBOX evolves and gets smarter with time. You can plug it into Jawbone's MyTALK website and download new features, apps and software updates.

Does BIG JAMBOX support LiveAudio™?
Yes, the LiveAudio feature is built in. Learn more about LiveAudio here.

Does BIG JAMBOX support voice commands?
Yes, as long as the voice command software on your device supports Bluetooth. You can voice dial and access other voice services available at Jawbone's MyTALK website.

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