Very cool lists of things for 2014

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Very cool lists of things for 2014

Reshared post from +Sharon Strandskov

I forgot to post this yesterday. Also, I forgot where I saw it–if it was through you, thank you!

I don't have the equipment to capture it, but hopefully some of you manage to get great photos from some of these events that you will share here!

Before you forget, put some of the really interesting ones on your calendar.

The 101 Best Astronomical Events to Watch Out For in 2014
As 2013 draws to a close, we once again cast our thoughts to all things astronomical for the coming year. For the last half decade, I’ve been constructing this list of all things astronomical for the following 365 days, lovingly distilling the events transpiring worldwide down to a 101 “best events of the year.” Here are the top picks for 2014!

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  1. Steve Ennis 27 Dec 2013 Reply

    Thanks for sharing

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