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  1. Elizabeth Hahn 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    Ooh. Ooops.

  2. Brent Burzycki 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    Well time to block you….. For interacting….

  3. Elizabeth Hahn 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    O.O. nooooooo. I have my plus ones hidden!

  4. Sarah Westwood 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    Do you think I have just ruined your credit score with this comment and is this just in the USA or worldwide? Sarah UK

  5. Thew Raslletem 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    On facebook

  6. Jack Flint 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    Oh, pa – leeeze! A bit sensationalist isn't it?

  7. John Mason 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    It's funny how it's always geared to lower your credit and not the other way around. It's not like the game is tilted against you from the start or anything 😉

  8. Brent Burzycki 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    The world is only about negatives and finding ways to win for others… Never the other way around… Just as when we interview new employees we only look for reasons to disqualify… And if we hit on a positive we are usually amazed..

  9. Bill Moisuk 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    If the world is getting nutty, remember, "people" are making it that way.

  10. Brent Burzycki 27 Aug 2013 Reply

    Sadly this is true…

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