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Let's figure out a way to share some Tips and Tricks

Here are two great pages to start with:

+Galaxy Nexus (Fan Page) +Android Photographers +Android +#photography

I have been compiling what I have been using and weeding out on the new phone and I think I am finally getting to a point where I am starting to like where things are and how they are arranged. If you look really close at the lock screen you will see I have Special Security Protocals running….

So here are some screenshots for how I have it setup at this time.. trust me this will change….but it's attempt number one…..well attempt number 301 but who is counting.. I am never happy unless I am changing something or messing with tech.

So if you have cool wallpapers, application suggestions, what folders you have decided work well and help to eliminate headaches…etc.. post them up…cases, accessories etc..

Maybe a few people with more followers, and a bunch with less than I can share this out and grab more Nexus owners to chime in…

I am sure there are a pile of items I am missing…


Full Android 4.0 Manual:

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  1. Chris Sewell 28 Dec 2011 Reply


  2. Chris Sewell 28 Dec 2011 Reply

    Secured by explosives is a nice touch lol

  3. Brent Burzycki 28 Dec 2011 Reply


  4. Brent Burzycki 28 Dec 2011 Reply

    Well i have to say there are quirky issues… like usual… widgets that do not update except when you power on the phone… G+ being one of them, Google Voice the other….

    And this AM – the phone just called the verizon programming number on speaker phone and programmed itself and hung up…

    PS: #228 is not supposed to work on 4G phones….

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